Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Who's that girl?" The lady is Paige Paine

I have some of the best luck.  I recently bumped into a wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful and sweet woman, who happens to work in the Adult Entertainment Industry. 

You can catch her working for another beautiful super star talent/Ceo/tattoo model/exotic dancer/porn star, Joanna Angel @ Burning angel. 

          I've been enchanted by the incredibly hot, cute super star talent, Ms. Paige Paine.  Sorry to those of you that have not had the opportunity of seeing her work.  She'll make you gasp.  She's a Chicago native.  Even speaking to her on face book, I can guarantee that she is one of the nicest, coolest and interactive pages that you'll come across.  From answering every thank you to photo comment, this sexy Chicago native is working hard at customer service from dusk til dawn.

If you take notice of her slim frame, adorable freckles, Colorful tattoos on display ( Always promoting "Tattoos in the workplace"), and sexy piercings ( like her septum).

  Ms. Paine is available for booking for your events, advertisements, fashion shows etc. at the model mayhem link above or @ Book.Paige.Paine.At.G.Mail.Dot.Com.

Paige Paine (@PaigePaine) on Twitter

When I say beautiful, tattooed model Paige Paine, this is who you should envision.

She's always in the hottest fashions.  She is an eye catcher and well worth the time.  Check her out?  She amazed me from start to finish.  I'm certain that she'll amaze you.  "Who's that girl?"  The ladies name is Paige Paine.