Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tattoos in the work place will increase productivity. "Who's that girl?" Skin Diamond

Here is Skin Diamond and Masumi Max.  Max is another of those greatly fashioned Adult Alt Model personalities that I befriend and greatly shows of how "Tattoos increase productivity in the Work place." Masumi Max can be found at or 

Even when it seems she is just hanging out, The beautiful tattooed Skin Diamond is multitasking.  We're speaking of fetish work, dominatrix work, movie clips, magazine shoot, expo work.  Employing riggers, camera men, promoters, editors, journalist etc.
 She models in some of the hottest photo shoots and works the best of Expos.  Her movies are fantastic fantasies of sex, passion, erotic fetishes, domination, S&M, lesbian love that will fascinate all, even the biggest of critics.  Her tattoos, culture and fashion sense only increase the productivity of sales and fans in her industry.  I'm speaking of  "Skin Diamond".  

When I say that these tattooed ladies are strictly business,  I say it with honesty.  Watch above as the business meetings are in full swing and negotiations are in order.

This is the tattooed beauty performing back yard work to perfection.

       I was befriended by a skin head beauty and Adult personality.  I always saw her as one woman that would be perfect for me, so I'm glad that we never met.  It's so easy to fall in love. 
 She is European, and is always in premier fashion & style.  She is an Adult Star Personality (We know that I am super cool with many), who has lovely tattoos colored and displayed so tastefully along her sleek brown physique. 

        You can catch her performing with Ceo/Porn Star/tattoo model/exotic dancer/scene coach/sweet heart Joanna Angel on .  She is to be booked through Spiegal talent agency & or @ Model mayhem .  Ms. Diamond has a blog that can be found @ and a video blog that can be viewed on youtube @
      She's a very interactive beauty with bright career in the porn industry.  "Who's that girl?" The ladies name is Skin Diamond.