Monday, April 16, 2018

Superb Lyrics has Hardest Hard Arts!

A name that would be unusual for a rapper is somehow so fitting for a New York City M.c. Superb Lyrics is the title chosen by lyricist Edward Beckles. Usually those associated with hip-hop choose flashier titles but as the music became popularly submerging from the New York city underground hip-hop culture so has the name.
 Originally a Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn native of the historical Weeksville Community, then relocating to Laurelton, Queens at a young age. After relocating to Queens and attending P.S. 156 he was slapped by his teacher for a conversing with a girlfriend about Anita Baker songs during class. Following that action was a rebellion by the young class in unity of the assaulted student resulting in the teacher leaving and retiring the very same day and Superb having to undergo evaluation. This lead to him being placed in a 'talented and gifted' program or T.A.G and experiencing a different type of learning that developed existing traits and strengthened them instead of systematically changing and condemning them. With the guidance of instructor Mrs. Linda Talish, young Beckles published his first poem at the age of 8.
 Having many Universal Zulu nation, Rastafarians and Five percenters as peers in his high school circles he was told to choose a name as an attribute around the age of fifteen, this was when the title Superb was chosen, Lyrics was kept secret and added to his copyrights. He began writing numerous poetry and copyrighting volumes as a teen to practice for actual publishing as a career. He joined the Zulu Nation for a while to show his allegiance to hip-hop culture which he was always close to in New York City.
Noone is saying whether 'Hardest hard' refers to the state of difficulty, the street name for primo crack, or a Harlem incense store in the 90's, either way 'Hardest hard' is a name Superb Lyrics carries with skill. It was the name that he released his underground with and is currently the name of his art company.
After speaking with a friend Apoc aka Kareem Favours of the 'Sample King' duo for instrumentals, Superb Lyrics decided to record the 'Hardest Hard' mixtape and begin distribution in the New York City area. Being acknowledged by many respected M.Cs in hip-hop Superb was urged to distribute music digitally. He's been top 10 many times on Reverbnation and liked by many great M.Cs and producers on Soundcloud.
Recently Superb Lyrics has released 'Superb Lyrical Maneuvers' for streaming on all electronic devices. For D.J mixing it's #58 on Beatport available @ Beatport . For those who mostly work out and listen on their blue tooth, phone or stereo devices it can be purchased on Amazon @ Superb Lyrical Maneuvers on Amazon or Deezer @ Superb Lyrical Maneuvers on Deezer
 He is completing the finishing touches on two more albums to be released this year. One is an E.d.m album. the other is a Hip-hop album. The unique thing about these two albums is these will be his first albums he produces. Creating instrumentals is something he has yearned to do for a longtime and having the time to gain skill at his craft.
He also tested the litigious waters, becoming a paralegal and assisting as a volunteer paralegal with the Prisoners legal services of Western New York on a victory case proving that the there were false-positive drug test results for 400 prisoners of Attica prison that resulted in longer sentences.
Superb Lyrics goal as an M.C is to enlighten a few while making a lucrative music career releasing his entire catalog.
For musicians Looking to collaborate to book performance venues can connect with Superb Lyrics @twitter Superb Lyrics on linkedin Superb Lyrics on Facebook .
Take the ride with him from underground to surface.

Friday, March 11, 2016

This model's brown feminine beauty has uplifted her entire country.

Most people on Earth has a warped since of beauty when beholding those of darker skintones. One young lady has used her and intelligence to set them straight. When you catch wind of Monifa Jansen, you may have to catch your breath.

At the young age of 18 this Monifa was chosen to be Miss Curacao Universe and crowned while wearing braces on her smile, a truely unique quality that exhibited her ambition and drive to the world.

Next, without braces on her gorgeous smile, she represented her country in the Miss World 2011 and Miss Universe 2012 pageants set her apart from the rest. Below is a video of Monifa speaking with her lovely accent on being Miss Universe 2012.

That's right Ms. Jensen was crowned Miss Universe of the Carribean nation two years in a row.

These days Monifa is modeling bikinis, lingerie, that has had me catching the news of Kim Kardasian when it's old. Her modeling just seems to slay all of the rest. Catch Monifa simply crushing Colombian model in the Choco Sabor magazine as the two are compared. Trust me, her images are not for the faint of heart.

She has starred in short movies next to Naomi Campbell. Did I forget to mention that Monifa is an international law student? She sure is!
Catch her hot shoots and buy some hot products for the lady in your life or yourself at Capelli A.M.O.R.E @ or on instagram @ 

Check out Monifa Jansen in her past, present 
and future projects and sucess. Support and show love.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dan Smith has a different vision of normality when telling stories of Savage Sistas!

 Living in a society where wars stretch on for decades and police are cleared of all charges for killing children and unarmed adults, we have become accustomed to violence. Weather we agree with it or not, it is there. Nudity has become more acceptable and accessible. It could be due to the loss of jobs and the way nudity combines the appreciation of beauty, the freedom, gaining of popularity, and the earning potential that comes with it. Either way it’s loved by many. Why am I speaking about it? Take violence and nudity and combine them and you get a horror movie. Most of us adore horror movies and were able to transition to the horror television shows like walking dead, American horror stories and all the rest.

Dan Smith is a writer and a director who has delivered various areas of visual art. He’s done illustration, art directing and designing and advertising.
 Now advancing to his latest project contains elements of a superior human being. You have major elements of unity, feminism, and empowerment, along with one of our favorite things, horror.
What I’m speaking of is Savage Sistas. The new horror movie, also the only horror film where there are four brown women as leading ladies.

This is an interesting movie and the story list as follows:
When four girl friends from LA hit the road to Vegas for a weekend of fun they find themselves lost on a desert highway and stalked by a family of psychotic, blood-thirsty rednecks.

As a fan of horror you can probably guess where this is going… but there’s a good chance you’d be wrong.
These characters are not helpless clich├ęs, tropes or sassy stereotypes.
Each one of these leading ladies is smart, resourceful and definitely badass!
The leading cast is made up of :
Erica Renee Davis

Denee Busby


Amazon Beard

Ladae Bond

You can check out the full line up at to see what’s instore.

Dan Smith is a very cool and hardworking individual who is always willing to network. You can always contact him at ,, (415)516-8432 or EYESORE PRODUCTIONS LLC, 4096 Piedmont Avenue #336, Oakland, CA 94611 and look out for Savage sistas in April of 2016.
Dan’s goal was to see more women of color in horror films! Not understanding why does Hollywood create so few kickass roles for Black women in this genre? So instead of waiting for Hollywood, they’ve created their own movie.
 SAVAGE SISTAS is not related to the 1974 action film SAVAGE SISTERS starring Gloria Hendry and by no means is this a Blaxploitation parody. This is a new twist on an old-fashioned horror story!
You can tell the hard work ethic because after appalling big wigs with a movie with such a unique cast and being turned down, they kick-started their way into completing this project.

I heard that Dan was considering using hip-hop music of Superb Lyrics in the movie, so look out for it and be sure to support.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking back at 2014 til Now. Happy 2015!

This year I've had the pleasure of communicating and doing stories on many indie personalities like Phoenix Askani 

@, blues guitarist Kyle Hill out of San Diego, CA. , the Nymphobraniac Night's party crew out of NYC La Nuit & Tapas Lounge 61st and 1st Avenue, NY, NY 
and @

,  Trash Bar of 256 Grand Street ,Williamsburg , Brooklyn, NY @ 


There was the NY Moore hostel is located on 179 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206 and one of Japan’s hottest, and genuinely talented uprising electric guitarist Bungo Yokoyama .
There was the incredible and beautiful international model that I’m speaking of isPlayboy model “Snow Bunny” Crystal Brooke. 

She is available @ or  . I'd like to thank all of you for communicating and wish you success in 2015.
Catch up with some of the stories and talents in 2015. Ed.Einstein out!

Wrapping up 2014 with observation of the atrocities and being a positive part of the information being shared and utilized about them.

My last post was about the terrible bullying of Palestine by Israel and how despite the slanted stories being told by the media we must say something to make our disapproval known.
In these last few months there have been not only the killing of unarmed people by police, babies being melted by swat team/police constantly choosing the wrong address to swarm for fugitives, cyber bullying deaths, but there have been great big protest that the media has refused to cover. Social media has become a gateway for covering some of these stories piece by piece. Though some of the biggest stars out ignore these things as if nothing’s happening, others have been posting important parts of this as to aid in the awareness of the effort to be heard and find justice. For example Samuel L. Jackson changing the ALS ice water challenge to a song challenge, hip-hop artist Nas and Q-tip marching with protestors, ex porn personalities like Betty Blac, India Morel, current porn starlets like Arabelle Raphaelle or the great hip-hop photographer  Ernie Paniccioli posting about the efforts or important current events on social sites like twitter or facebook are being more proactive than others who might post a photo of the Rockefeller Christmas tree heavily cropped so that it’s the only thing that you see in their trip to New York photo.  Even though protesters blocked the Rockefeller center Christmas tree, most who attended it wouldn’t acknowledge this.
To ignore the efforts of those people fighting for their rights is just as bad as going against the people’s efforts.
There are so many diverse efforts in the world that need to call attention to them like students in Hong Kong, police killings of civilians in Mexico, Ferguson protest killing of unarmed civilians by police becoming so severe the KKK joined, Palestine’s efforts to end their killings by Israel, New Yorkers protesting unarmed civilians killed by police.
The interesting thing about some people supporting the efforts are standing up for the blood spilled of their relatives who are not considered minorities but lived in a minority populated area where they became considered minorities though Caucasian were targets of police/ swat team swarm and search deaths. While police in NYC use the excuse of a Maryland resident who killed his spouse/lover and then sought out two minority policeman and killed as a reason to put an end to the efforts of the many, others understand that this is a strawman using the violence of a tourist in a town where tourist of the world flock on a daily basis. Anyone who has ever picked up a book on criminal justice knows that the police are supposed to be employees of the community and all of their tactics are supposed to conform to aid the community’s citizens and though police compose statistics to justify their actions, Chebyshev’s theorem won’t be returning the unjustly killed to the earth.

With all of the things going on, sometimes we all have to have a moment of righteous unification and dedication to the efforts of those that have been wronged. Going into 2015 if we are looking to improve this society we should step into the efforts that are helping to mold the correction to do so. So even though the police think that submitting evidence of an insane woman killer who elevated to the killing of police as reason to end the protest, communities must stay vigilant to the reality of slanted stories and reasoning just as watching Fox News and or CNN commentaries have been presenting. If some of the famous personalities that you watch are not informed enough, maybe they’re not as ‘down to earth’ as you perceive them to be an not worth as much attention as you’re paying to them. If this blog is about achieving communication and information, then I hope that it is providing it as best as possible to satisfy any reader. Going into 2015, I hope that we will look for these traits in everything we become involved in. Enjoy and have a happy and safe new year.

Monday, August 11, 2014

All Jews don't agree with Israel's decisions.

As a Jew myself, I have to speak up on the current affairs of the state of Israel. It's always stated that New York City is the largest population of Jews outside of the state of Israel. I am one of them and I do not agree with the decisions that are used in eliminating any threats that may exist within Palestine.
 Many other Jews also share my disagreement. Check it out here @ or  or or  or .

 As many individuals are either born into or convert into Jewish culture, it is for it's purity, sincerity, and liberty of consciousness, not for any blinding power over others. Though many are Jews, many Jews have other beliefs as well, some atheist, Buddhist, Mystic, or other beliefs are incorporated into their culture in order to complete themselves just as in any other culture. The basic fundamental values are always there. No one of honest and true conscious mind would agree with the killing of unarmed, non-violent individuals. Being born in Brooklyn and continuing to visit the boro over the years, each time even up to the very last time I've walked through and past by other Jews, there were ignorant minded others screaming anti-Semitic slurs out of car windows as they past. So there has always been and will always be a belief that all Jews totally and fervently agree with all beliefs and decisions of the state of Israel. 

Now if this doesn't sound silly to you, then you must be one of the crowd that has been sampling these new wave drugs and believing in unicorns, fairies, and that witch craft is any different from ancient voodoo. Does every Christian believe in the decision of the Reverend Jim Jones? Does every person of Islam believe in the decision of the Taliban or Louis Farrakhan? Does every Catholic believe in the decisions of pedophile priest? Does every person that has lighter skin and could be considered Caucasian agree with the decisions of the Klu Klux Klan? 
You can't be angry at every Jew for the atrocities committed by entities like a government figures in charge of the state of Israel, or the mass media that chooses to give it's political brown nosing of the state of Israel over the killing of innocent people in Palestine because they believe that they would offend Jews if they told the truth. You must address the actual enemy just as Israel must do. Otherwise you are just as bad as they are for the wrong doing that they are doing, you are also doing. 

There is an age old saying that the reason that Jews and Muslims fight so very much is that they are cousins. The right that many Jews are taking in standing up and protesting the killing of many innocent people in Palestine shows that they are not just cousins, but true brothers and sisters.  If you are one of the people that sit to the side and choose to argue with any Jew that you encounter than you believe in war, but if you were to stand and address the cause of the problems then you believe in justice and working toward a solution and regulating the misconduct of these entities that are stirring up of war-mongering in the world today.

Freedom fighters like brethren Bob Marley who said to be iron like a lion in Zion,were not speaking to the masses for each of us to act foolish when lives are being lost so rapidly and war rampantly becoming a major issue. 

These wars are where all of our money in each country is being used while we are being starved by raising of food prices, deprived of money and jobs directly after a bank bailout, living in fear by an imaginary war on terror while living under mistreatment by the policing entities, and salaries and families are handled directly by the judicial economy of family courts.  
Some people always say that they see signs of faith or things that the end of days are upon us. If it your belief that you are here to somehow put an end to this and you have compassion in your heart than you should look to resolve this as peacefully as possible without any additional harm. 
Because of Russia's invasion of the Middle East the Taliban was formed. Check it out here or @ or @ . As a result of British Rule in Northern Ireland the Irish Republican Army was formed, so why wouldn't this many intelligent individuals  be able to understand the forming of Hamas? Check out IRA formation @ or or   
The fact that Jews are part of not only a culture but a religion is a reason that no person Jew or otherwise should totally agree with it. The same goes with any other religion or beliefs. When you rely on something or someone the devoted love can be blinding, creating a doting that becomes an illusion of perfection. A keen notion of ancient beliefs and meditation among elite thinkers were to find a middle path so as not to stray to far in any direction and lead to an early grave and misuse of your true potential. This is essential in present day also. Do you notice that many Muslim female are being slaughtered by their husbands (See here or @ or )  , or females scrutinized by various religions to have their clitoris removed in a Cliterectomy (see here @ , or @   or that members of the State of Israel were very racist in the way that they sort out who is to allowed to be a citizen (See here , , ) or that many Christian leaders have misused the churches funds or that Catholic leaders have excluded the reality of it's members sexual orientations or maybe considered a sin or religious laws that go against birth control? There is something very wrong here and these issues can not and should not be ignored or segregated for one group, religion, or gender to handle on their own. The purpose of these so-called religions is supposed to be unity, and compassion among humanity and this should be demonstrated among all humanity. By eliminating the problem whenever and wherever it is, we can get a lead on eliminating it without the government having a reason to misuse their authority and bully us or some pointless warlord feeling they have the right to kill in the name of freedom fighting. We see it happen in many countries in the African continent and when you see it happen in other places like the state of Israel, Russia, India, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, or somewhere as little as the Republic of Dominican, honestly identify it and help eliminate it if you are smart enough. Humanity has helped to ruin the earth while placing the blame on others and committing  the crime with a smile on their face and denying it at the same time. It's up to humanity to try and correct it's errors as well. No Fbi, Cia, or political party can actually do it because all they do is attempt to lead us into a direction that they see as appropriate as a goat herder would do with it's flock. If you understand people, theory and practice of people's needs are totally separate entities. It takes humans to stand up an make them known of what are our needs, so let's start. 
It's my belief that the knowledge understood and inherited by any culture or religion adopted by mankind should be used to right the misuse of power by the uncultured, and uncaring savages among us. I hope that there are many others that share similar beliefs no matter which beliefs or religions they choose.