Friday, June 15, 2012

NYC's hottest upcoming Promoter is this Frenchman.

 Everyone who's ever been to NYC understands that it is a place of extremes.  It can be a very fun place or a very tensed harsh place, an extraordinarily expensive place or a extremely affordable place. I've had the pleasure of meeting a person that brings the gift of keeping the availability of making the night life of the city fun, extremely affordable, safe, and glamorous.  
        He is a young event planner and party promoter that is a gift to New York City just as the Statue of Liberty.  Abou, is a Frenchman working for Prive Event Planning.  He has promoted many parties at upscale places like  the Skyroom, Empire Hotel, Cabana Yacht, and the Veranda.  He offer guest list priority in order to offer reduced rates.  He's a very cool guy and easy to get along with.

  To be added to his guest list simply contact him at , on Twitter @Ruskov60 , or on Facebook/Ruskov siix-bull or or .

He is offering a free entrance for those that read this post 
Empire Hotel : 63rd and West Broadway

On Saturday June 16th Prive Event Planning launches Hot Saturday
Nights At Empire Hotel Rooftop

The Empire Hotel has done a great job for the new season renovating the
2 outdoor decks with plush new cabanas, fireplaces, VIP areas,
additional seating and landscaping all around. The crowd is always great
so you should definitely stop by to have a drink with us.

For Free entry with no wait in line email - we are also taking table reservations for large
groups interested in bottle specials and seating area. 

So catch up with Abou, relax and party the night away on your vacation getaway, or night out with the European Nightlife.