Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go back to the Future of D.J’s with D.J. Fade

               From a place known for its many dedicated and creative musicians, the world’s tallest rollercoaster, among other things, comes one of the next hot independent talent, D.J Fade.  I’m talkin’ bout Joy-z, uhh, eh emm’, I mean New Jersey.  This hot spot adjacent to New York City must have a way to spawn originality because the sound that is created by this young D.J/engineer/producer is definitely of a unique quality.  I’m pretty certain that this D.J goes to his own universe and brings back space dust on his music.  He tells me it’s from the future. 
He creates a sound that is referred to as “Brick City Club Music”.  When I listen to his sound, I definitely hear elements of club music, as well as electro, techno, and house music.  He could be compare to a David Guetta or D.J Mom Jeans, but then you would have to separate his talent and list his many original qualities also.  Check out what I'm speaking of:>>   
D.J Fade currently has worked with hip hop artist on a few of his tracks, but has the potential to work with many other genres of music based on the sound he produces.  Hopefully this young D.J doesn’t limit his creative reach to one genre since his talent can go way beyond an arrested development. 
If you haven’t heard his sound yet, then you are missing out.  Since it’s summer, then it's the time to expand your horizon and check out the sounds of D.J Fade.  You can check out his sound on Soundcloud @
To book D.J Fade for your night club, party, event, movie, video game, simply interact with him on twitter @  or on myspace @! .