Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How many talents does Ms. Phoenix Askani have?

The title Adult Talent, has been taken for granted at times. Some people that might just think of Adult Talents as willing, souls who enjoy life in front of cameras for whatever crappy deal they can work out until they land a golden opportunity. It doesn’t seem as if they know much about anything, from just watching one thing, that they might have performed before. When I describe it like this we can understand that’s a closed minded way of thinking. It’s kind of, like figuring that the writer of this blog is only a blog writer. All of us have many different things that we are good at.

Sight plays a major part in her work. So her style is a visual magnet as her slender frame takes you around the bases for a home run or whether she’s modeling some sizzling outfit. You may have previously viewed this starlet with her shoulder length ginger ending at her male lion tattoo as she catches your attention as blue/gray hazel eyes gaze, her slim frame stretches out of your peripheral view. 

Well you’ll recognize a change in her shade as seasons change the Phoenix picks up a gold tone. She’s now a blonde.

Well since we’ve taken off our blinders for now, I’d like to introduce you all to one of my favorite adult talents, Ms. Phoenix Askani or as she’s listed on her Burning Angel profile PHOENIX FUCKIN A. Though your first thought maybe that “She’s a Burning Angel hottie”, that’s true, but there is also more to this cosplay slimy. 

Ms. Askani is a Chi-town, Illinois native, who like Obama, Oprah, and all of the others from Illinois, decided to put their name in bold letters. Her stage name Phoenix Askani was chosen from her favorite comic book character, of the X-Men, is Jean Grey. The Phoenix part is from the phoenix force that embodies both Jean Grey and her future daughter, Rachel Summers, who starts a clan called the Askani clan, and "askani" means "outsider" in Latin. That’s just part of her repertoire. She’s like the female part of Wu-tang clan, blazes up and everything. 

 To relate to her on other topics it would be best to check out her blog. Blogging is another of this sizzlin’ petite’s talents.  You can check it out on her Thought Catalog. What an ideal name for your idea note pad. Yeah? Well you should take a look at Phoenix Askani | Thought Catalog @‎ .
This young lady understands the working of an adult movie from locations to film, her fees. Will her choices of marketing, business partners, and deals put her to her apex is a question that only time will tell. Ms. Askani plans and chooses who she’ll work with to satisfy the pleasures of the masses and to take her in a direction more comfortable for her.  Ms. Askani is an indie at her best. I feel as if I’m speaking to a booking agent when I spoke to her, which is good since it shows me that she knows her way with business well and looks forward to her next job eagerly. She seems to be shaping her own career in the industry. 
Ms. Askani isn’t with OC modeling any longer and only shoots Adult work with established studios that she is familiar with. This is understandable because we’ve all had our limit of fake studios that can barely get the recording correct, try to own your copyright, leaks your work to get other jobs without your permission, never finish the product past first take and things like that. 

One interesting new fact is that Ms. Askani is now only shooting b/g aka man/woman Adult scenes with her romantic partners and for her own content. These are her basis because she now only works with women and is independently represented.
So though there are a few changes in her style and marketing procedures, she’s a major element in the indie adult category and she looks as if she’s setting up shop here. Look out for her, Ms. Phoenix Askani.
You can check out Ms. Askani's work on Burning Angel @ and find most of her links @ . Her model mayhem page is @ or on tumblr @ . You can find her on instagram @ 
Thank you Ms. Phoenix Askani for your time and hopefully we can work together one day.