Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indie Director, B. Rain keeps his lens, lit and ready for action

When I mention calisthenics, most people will think of a warm-up or short set of push-ups to keep them a little more toned.  Calisthenics are simple systematic rhythmic bodily exercises, stretches, movements performed repetitively, usually without apparatus, extra weights or equipment.  Calisthenics use different and various patterns of lifting one’s own body weight, to become physically fit, and improve psychomotor skills. Calisthenics are exercises that transcend a simple classification and fit perfectly in parts of gymnastics , sport training, yoga, or Buddhist meditation, pole dancing and contortion.
When you see groups like the Bartendaz , or world record holder of the human flag Dominic Lacasse, some tend to wonder how to learn to do the sort of training that produces these metaphysically powerful results.  Indie movie director B. Rain Bennett says though calisthenics was once a subculture, it’s now going main stream.  Mr. Bennett plans to prove this as he has been doing a majority of the filming on these fantastic events.  Working along with Flying Founder Productions he is currently producing a feature length documentary about these iconic innovators of calisthenics, titled RAISE UP: THE WORLD IS OUR GYM. 

RAISE UP: THE WORLD IS OUR GYM not only is to expose the modern day urban calisthenics workouts in the parks but also explains the origins of the workouts that derived from the classic bodyweight exercises.  Mr. Bennett brings clarity to how this calisthenics culture has become a world-wide sensation through film.  This Brooklyn, NY producer has been working with the calisthenics community since 2007 and plans to enlighten the world on health, fitness and how to strengthen their communities.

B. Rain is currently shooting short videos in NYC and shooting “Raise Up”, so following his events you may end up being filmed in one of his documentaries or shorts.  Though he is busy producing and writing, he still frees up his time to interact with others.  Follow B. Rain Bennett @ Facebook or on twitter @ or contribute toward the documentary @ or @

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