Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tis' the season to Low ride

Banana Seats
Deluxe Beach cruiser    26" Beach Cruiser Bike Nirve Straight Apehanger Cruiser Bike Handlebar -  40" Sissybar Suspension Highback CHROME 
Since the weather has been so pleasant , I've broken out the "banana seat bike" or "low rider" ,"Deluxe Beach cruisers", "chopper bikes" ," Krates".  It's cool because it makes it cool to just cruise.  I've cruised the Niagara Falls bike path and caught scenic views of the falls, the whirlpool, and the Ontario, Ca. buddhist temple.  Other tattooed, punked, skin head, and old school pros ask me where to find the kit for a low rider bike or Banana seat bike.  First part is the handle bars.  They are called Ape hangers.  Mine have a 15" rise.  Try to keep in mind that your break cables have to stretch just right?  The Banana seat is just that, a banana seat.  The important part to a banana seat is a "Sissy bar".  This is the bar that goes from a back tire up to hold the seat and provides back support.  My seat is 16 inches and bar is 3 ft. Other things can be added, but these are the essentials.   

Often once the vocabulary is in your head, anyone can become a lowrider collector and builder. These bikes are the skeleton work of a motorcycle and can easily be made motorized with gas tank and motor attachments. Check it out because "tis the season to low ride with the cyclist. Places where you can design your own, and order parts :  nirve ape hangers @
Piston bikes;  Top low rider: bicycle designer:
Street lowrider:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Throwbacks to cruise to.

Recently when I'm in the mood for oldies, I find myself listening to a Mix tape download.  It becomes a favorite for old school R& B and Soul favorites that would be what's missing from one of those time life collection.  It's perfect for if you cruise short distances as a driver or long distances as a passenger.  It's name is "Summer Breeze- Slow jams" and "Summer breeze 2- Slow jams"  by , DJ 2Mello & Miami Kaos.  These mixtapes can be linked to DJ 2Mello & Miami Kaos through and  Booking info and mix tape sales are also available at the following links.
These websites are also excellent ways to keep up with a few of your favorite songs within the genres of music offered.  "Check it out to find Throwbacks to cruise to."


  • 01. The Main Ingredient - Summer Breeze [1:59]
  • 03. I'm Leaving You Again - A Little Bit Of Love [2:11]
  • 05. Gwen McCrae - 90% Of Me Is You [2:08]
  • 07. Diana Ross - Missing You [3:18]
  • 09. Kool And The Gang - Summer Madness [2:09]
  • 11. Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away [2:37]
  • 13. Curtis Mayfield - You're So Good To Me [2:49]
  • 15. Johnny Guitar Watson - Superman Lover [2:55]
  • 17. William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got [2:05]
  • 19. Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further [2:38]
  • 21. Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It [2:39]
  • 23. Midnight Star - Curious [2:09]
  • 25. George Benson - Give Me The Night [2:09]
  • 27. Intro - Come Inside [1:43]
  • 29. Michael Jackson - The Lady In My Life [2:59]
  • 31. Norman Connors - You Are My Starship [3:34] & DJ 2Mello - Summer Breeze Slow Jams
1.Summer Breeze - Seals and Croft
2.Oh Honey - The Delegation
3.Sugar Free - Juicy
4.All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls
5.Rising To The Top - Kenny Burke
6.Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers
7.I Choose You - Willie Hutch
8.Weekened Girl - S.O.S Band
9.It Never Rains - Tony! Toni! Tone!
10.Sweet Thing - Rufus
11.Searchin’ - Roy Ayers
12.Come Go With Me - Teddy Pendegrass
13.I’d Rather Be With You - Bootsy Collins
14.What You Wont Do For Love - Bobby Caldwell
15.Daylight - Ramp
16.Close The Door - Teddy Pendegrass
17.Misdemeanor - The Sylvers
18.Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johnson
19.Inside My Love - Minnie Ripperton
20.Lovers and Friends - Michael Sterling
21.Rain - SWV
22.Can You Stand The Rain - New Edition
23.A Dream - Debarge
24.As We Lay - Shirley Murdock
25.Love TKO - Teddy Pendegrass
26.If You Think You’re Lonely Now - Bobby Womack
27.Time Will Reveal - El Debarge
28.Let Me Love You Down - Ready For The World
29.Tears - Force MD’s
30.Cry Together - The Ojay’s
31.Cause I Love You - Lenny Williams
32.Funny How Time Flies - Janet Jackson

"Who's that girl?" The lady is Paige Paine

I have some of the best luck.  I recently bumped into a wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful and sweet woman, who happens to work in the Adult Entertainment Industry. 

You can catch her working for another beautiful super star talent/Ceo/tattoo model/exotic dancer/porn star, Joanna Angel @ Burning angel. 

          I've been enchanted by the incredibly hot, cute super star talent, Ms. Paige Paine.  Sorry to those of you that have not had the opportunity of seeing her work.  She'll make you gasp.  She's a Chicago native.  Even speaking to her on face book, I can guarantee that she is one of the nicest, coolest and interactive pages that you'll come across.  From answering every thank you to photo comment, this sexy Chicago native is working hard at customer service from dusk til dawn.

If you take notice of her slim frame, adorable freckles, Colorful tattoos on display ( Always promoting "Tattoos in the workplace"), and sexy piercings ( like her septum).

  Ms. Paine is available for booking for your events, advertisements, fashion shows etc. at the model mayhem link above or @ Book.Paige.Paine.At.G.Mail.Dot.Com.

Paige Paine (@PaigePaine) on Twitter

When I say beautiful, tattooed model Paige Paine, this is who you should envision.

She's always in the hottest fashions.  She is an eye catcher and well worth the time.  Check her out?  She amazed me from start to finish.  I'm certain that she'll amaze you.  "Who's that girl?"  The ladies name is Paige Paine.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CCI Magazine

I recently came to have the pleasure of bumping into a cool dude named Ryan.  He has this magazine that you might find on the set of an Adult Movie because one of the hot actresses are looking at to see a new tattoo, or they might have been a model in, showcasing their new tattoos.   It's a hot tattoo magazine to keep in any tattoo shop. If you'd like them wholesale for your shop or news stand, the link are both in this post and at the bottom of this blog, check it out.

On the way back from NYC

On my last drive back from NYC, I couldn't help but notice how dark these highways are.  Driving through Pennsylvania's mountains and the hills of Western NY is a dark ,and very curvy path.  There are no street lights over the highway.  If one business in these small towns have a porch light on, this will be the only light with in any visual distance of the highway.  Drivers blind each other with high beams to see 15 feet in front of us, while 18 wheeler trucks fly pass us down hill at 100 mph.  State troopers love the dark for giving tickets to speeders.  It's a damn shame that they were only speeding because these dark ass lil ghost towns remind us of a horror movie or two, and they were just trying to get out of them before they ran out of gas and the zombies attacked.
We need more lights on these highways.  It can't be safe to have dark highways.  Is it supposed to be more calming, so that we get better sleep while on the road, or so that person who misplaced their glasses, has worse sight of those lil' speckled white lane dividers?  I'm not certain, but I noticed it while "on the way back from NYC."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Wine of Choice this month

This month I've chosen the sweet porto bello flavor of italian swiss colony, american port.  It pours rich, rough and sappy.  When left to air for a while, it taste like a bouquet of roses.  Don't be fooled.  The taste can take you for a ride.
  It came in a huge bottle.  It's size reminded me of the Manichewitz that I used to swipe from mi' folks around the holidays.  It's a good thing, I'm grown and found a better buzz.

Essential for Tattoo Artist

Starting out as a tattoo artist is a trying task.  It takes more know-how than people think.  It's not always about how nice your artwork is.  Tattooing is more about knowing about "Blood borne pathogens".  These are diseases that can be transmitted by blood.  When tattooing blood is left in tubes and on needles.  This is why it is important to use hospital disinfectants to clean surfaces and solutions like Metricide to soak tools before sterilizing them by steam.  Steam cleaning should also be done in a Pressure cooking type instrument called an "Autoclave Sterilizer".  These can be found on Steaming at a temperature of 250 degrees fahrenheit , for 15-20 minutes kill any remaining bacteria.  These items are "essential for any tattoo artist" ,, whether at your neighbor hood shop, their house or making house calls to yours.  It keeps the artist clear of any outbreaks of Hepatitis, HIV, etc., any a step away from being up to compliance and able to pay for his/her certificate as a Tattoo artist.  Tattoo artist regulations are found on your department of Health Website.  Use of other antibacterial products will only help the artist eg. Green Soap, Gloves, Mask, sleeves, aprons, covers, light colored walls, light colored dividers, disposable needles, sharps containers etc.

Schooled by a lil' Lady.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a lil female professor speak to me about the lessons of her underdogs of history class, Mrs. H. Dawson.  She told me that Harriet Tubman was her idol.  She had visited her house, grave and trails.  She told me that Mrs. Tubman would carry a pistol with her, in case any of her passengers changed their minds, and decided to turn back, they were made aware of the consequence of their actions, if they decided to turn back after a warning, she killed them.
  She told me of the indentured servitude becoming permanent servitude.  Then she explained how Andrew Jackson screwed everyone that he came in contact with.  All the while, I watch this lil Anglo curly headed lady with amazement on how she angles an entire history class to view her admired perspective of the Underdogs of history.  I was "Schooled by a lil' lady.  

Library of the Stars.

I rarely speak with my mom, but I have recently, and she asked how she could copyright her recipe.  A copyright is a government issued number kept as a reference as proof that you are the genuine creator or owner of an idea, artwork, etc, with the U.S Library of Congress.  So I introduced her to the website and showed her how to find the fees, and how to present it to them.  The library of Congress website is .  This should come in handy to all mi gentes that write touching poetry, draw original unique pieces, sing that cool ass odd ball rock, decide to tell one hell of a story in a novel, shoot a must see film, have that recipe that everyone request.  Check it out?  You may like it, may need it.

One hell of a 3 sum !

I've had the privilege of recently viewing an super hero trilogy.   "Darkman" , a movie filmed in 1990, "Darkman II- The Return of Durant" filmed in 1995 , and "Darkman III: Die Dark man Die"filmed in 1996.  These were some of the meanest crime bosses that you probably will see in a movie.  You feel sorry for Darkman through out the trilogy, and sometimes forget that he is a very smart scientist that's plotting revenge, so he knows what he's doing.
              To me it's a must have in a movie collection, and "One hell of a 3sum!

Tattoos in the work place will increase productivity. "Who's that girl?" Skin Diamond

Here is Skin Diamond and Masumi Max.  Max is another of those greatly fashioned Adult Alt Model personalities that I befriend and greatly shows of how "Tattoos increase productivity in the Work place." Masumi Max can be found at or 

Even when it seems she is just hanging out, The beautiful tattooed Skin Diamond is multitasking.  We're speaking of fetish work, dominatrix work, movie clips, magazine shoot, expo work.  Employing riggers, camera men, promoters, editors, journalist etc.
 She models in some of the hottest photo shoots and works the best of Expos.  Her movies are fantastic fantasies of sex, passion, erotic fetishes, domination, S&M, lesbian love that will fascinate all, even the biggest of critics.  Her tattoos, culture and fashion sense only increase the productivity of sales and fans in her industry.  I'm speaking of  "Skin Diamond".  

When I say that these tattooed ladies are strictly business,  I say it with honesty.  Watch above as the business meetings are in full swing and negotiations are in order.

This is the tattooed beauty performing back yard work to perfection.

       I was befriended by a skin head beauty and Adult personality.  I always saw her as one woman that would be perfect for me, so I'm glad that we never met.  It's so easy to fall in love. 
 She is European, and is always in premier fashion & style.  She is an Adult Star Personality (We know that I am super cool with many), who has lovely tattoos colored and displayed so tastefully along her sleek brown physique. 

        You can catch her performing with Ceo/Porn Star/tattoo model/exotic dancer/scene coach/sweet heart Joanna Angel on .  She is to be booked through Spiegal talent agency & or @ Model mayhem .  Ms. Diamond has a blog that can be found @ and a video blog that can be viewed on youtube @
      She's a very interactive beauty with bright career in the porn industry.  "Who's that girl?" The ladies name is Skin Diamond.