Saturday, December 21, 2013

What sound comes out of the Echoes or Eko of indie underground hip-hop?

In this post I’m going to introduce you to one of the underground’s Indie hip-hop artist. Based on consistency of new added material, the drive and ambition that an artist puts into their work and marketing skills, we can tell if an artist is going to last. This artist Eko is going hard in these areas and as a result he shows signs that he will thrive in his industry of entertainment and talent.

 It’s always important to listen to the indie talent because it gives artist a different option than forming to the conditions and minimum pay that may be given in a contract from well - maintained record companies or the companies contracting within the artist area of talent. This alternative choice of an artist might become a favorite and you may see more of their career and shows learning of them in such early stages of their careers and also may be more uniquely chosen to the sound of your liking.
Eko the Don is looking to make a contribution into the foundation of hip – hop. What is it about Boston Red Sox taking the St.Louis Cards to get us as motivated as this Boston hip – hop artist? Manifesting his title Eko he has become a potent echo in the Indie hip –hop category, releasing song after song with consistency.

 He made a track with Lil’ B, like “Heads up”, an inspirational anthem. Eko has just released information that he will continue to sharpen Lil’ B’s hip-hop skills. He plans to produce Lil’ B’s album. Check it out on the Sound cloud @ .

Spinning through Eko’s sound cloud your ears catch hardcore hip - hop flow covering hip – hop styles from bounce to techno and street anthems so the array is covered. On my Sound cloud you can listen to my favorite Eko tunes check it out along with my favorite tunes of other indie artist of various genres of music. Check it out @ .

Eko’s a very interactive artist and can be contacted at any of these websites for booking information: ,  .
Wishing everyone a great and successful 2014 and urging everyone to reflect on their 2013.

 In future blog post I’ll review the talents of 2013 blog post. I have post to come from beautiful women who happen to also be adult film starlets. Also coming up is a review on a Ms. Playboy model and hopefully a few more Indie talents that share their work with me are interesting, so stay posted. Submissions can be sent to me @ and feel free to check out the blog around the clock @ . Connect with me on twitter @ or on Facebook @