Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hip Hop has Built a work ethic that manifests through the President.

              Certain things that help me choose the music that I listen to are originality and sound.  One thing that I love about music is that it comes from independent artist and/or independent studios, since the artist are so dedicated to their work.  Independent artist tend to have so much fun with their music, use original ideas, and love interacting with their fans.
       One independent artist that I've recently had the pleasure of interacting with is Mr. President.  I'm not speaking of Barack Obama.  I'm speaking of Jim President aka Jim Couture, Ceo and hip hop genre artist of PR records.  This New York native likes to make it known that he is from Laurelton, Queens.  A suburb of Queens, NY, referred to as L.A.
         This awesome artist and businessman started his indie label after returning from serving his country in the U.S Military where he was an Engineer Paratrooper.  Going through a horrible tragedy where he was honorably discharged for a jumping accident, and not long after following his passion for music, gives you a clue that Mr. President is persistent enough to become a favorite.
He first released a mixtape entitled "Conundrum" in 2010 on  You can view his whole catalog on
         PR is currently working on his new mixtape entitled The Prize soon to be released the summer of 2012 with features from other independent talents such as Naji P, Fevah 1st, Square Biz Rim and others.
        I can tell the unique style that Mr. President has by him contacting me two years ago to say " Yo Ed, ya girl Sparky Sin Clair is incredible".  I wouldn't expect a hip hop artist to see that, but you can't put Mr. President in a single category.
I can tell you from the heart that Mr. President/aka/PR is talented.  I've watched him do 100 back flips in a row  and with his visions and experiences of sky diving for the U.S military and his screwball sense of humor, he could direct a wicked video once he gets warmed up.  I could see him doing the type of wild work that the great "Beastie Boys" would do.  I look forward to him getting deep into mastering his craft.  He's one of those artist that you know, don't have to stick to one type of music or art to be a great artist.
You can check out his music at: or    interact with him on face book at
Booking  for PR is available by contacting Booking manager Terry tunz 1 (646) 522-7929