Sunday, April 13, 2014

Funky NYC nights @ The Trash Bar

Folks that are original enough to jump out of their ordinary flow of pop music and just want to drink with their people would appreciate the convenience of Williamsburg’s Trash Bar.

 I found myself ready to chill with my lady and act foolish. The Trash bar promised the best drinks in  NYC and a live performance that may varies from any indie rockers needing to record a session to karaoke singers. I had to see if this was true, so off to Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the J train to Marcy, to rock out for the night.
You’ll see on your way over there that there are about four or five other bars, lounges and dance floor restaurants with flirty, friendly, happy people greeting you. As you enter and get carded you see the bar and the pool table, but stopping for a moment, you’ll notice people in a steady flow passing you and running for the curtain. Deciding to follow will lead you to the stage and the dance floor with a separate bar.

As the music is mostly rock and pop favorites, you have a cool crowd. The dance floor has seen better days but is still a nice experience. They have one of the most genuine crowds. The crowd consist of laid back, passionate, cool people who came together to have a great time. 

The bar keeps the underground flavor going non-stop. All of the band stickers you'd ever want to see cover the d.j's booth, while the sofa and the still new car seat are available to chill on. If that ain't great grunge then you show me what is. I love this weird little get away to keep the possibilities rolling and keep the creative juices flowing. I'll continue to pass through Trash bar. I hope that they keep up the party.

The drinks were worthy of enjoyment but not the best. Still the Jack poured and the crowd roared, and we chilled and clowned the night away.

You know I had to hit up the food trucks afterward for a lamb hero. It’s Brooklyn, why not?
You can check out the Trash Bar @ or @ 256 Grand Street

Brooklyn, New York 11211 hours are Mon - Sun: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am, their telephone number is (718) 599-1000 and to book the club for a recording session email            @ or .