Monday, September 3, 2012

Combining a vision & a Rastafarian D.J = ViZionary

Recently while keeping with my easy going ways, I was made the acquaintance of a D.J. from Vermont.  Mr. Addam Cram D.Js @ WERU 89.9 FM rocking out of Blue hill, Maine.  He is usually rocking out to reggae, smoke tunes, alternative or conscious vibes, feel free to listen @ .  Mr. Cram is a reggae/folk/ alternative musician known as “Visionary.  Like most people that I’ve met from Maine, Mr. Cram is a free thinking, music loving, strong minded individual with his own unique style.  He specializes in drawing, photography and playing instruments of different cultures like the dulcimer, djembe, or the Didgerido.  Watch here as he demonstrates his skill playing the dulcimer cool thing about all of the projects and art that he does is how it all fits together in the circle of things when he assembles his album.  One of his projects that he has done was calling all of the musicians that walked by his apartment and recorded them for the weekend. The album of his work readily available is “Third-I”.  It can be viewed and purchased from the Visionary Sight website @ .  Do check it out sometime.  Visionary’s sound is versatile as he is sometimes doing alternative music and sometimes conscious vibration reggae, and Rastafarian chants.  Check out his sound on sound cloud @ . Visionary also has a youtube site where he allows others to watch his creative progress, check it out at .  Combining his vision with yours and you might come up with a new favorite being that he's not in a hurry to sound like the usual.  This artist instead prefers to develop his art and have fun while doing so.  He produces a unique and original sound.