Monday, September 10, 2012

Who’s that girl? New Indie Author, Maggie Jones

Recently I made the acquaintance of a very fascinating woman.  This woman happens to be an independent author, Maggie Jones.   
Ms. Jones was once a songwriter who received a House Music Award in 1987 for Best Music Composition for the dance song "If you only knew" which was a dance hit recorded by Chip E. and Kelvin Irving. "If you only knew”, also reached number 2 on the Billboard Breakout Chart in January of 1987. There are many mixed versions of her song, the most popular one is the "If you" dance mix. It was a hit in the dance clubs, making a major contribution to the Chicago house music genre.  Check out "If you only knew"- .   When this lady sets her mind on success, this is what she’ll deliver quality until she receives it.
 Ms. Jones has penned a romance novel, and coincidentally, writing romance novels happen to be her specialty.  Writing romance novels happens to be a favorite past time of this Chicago native.  Pursuing her passion, Ms. Jones now arrives at her recent release, “Jade T. Stevens- book I.”

Jade T. Stevens seems to be a rockabilly type, romance, pulp fiction, that takes place in the nineteen seventies.  The main characters are two gorgeous teens, Bryan and Jade.  Bryan has a kick-ass band that Jade joins, causing jealousy and tension between her and other female band mates.  As fire heats beneath this stewing tale and submitting to feelings, stir up possibilities, this adventure continues.
Teens, music and relationships progress steps further in a world of temptation, reputations, strict religions, and rock and roll. What choices will band leader Bryan, coming from a Christian family, that doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, decide to choose, with beauties similar to Marilyn Monroe steaming his mirrors?  Check it out at- , available on your ebooks and kindle through amazon.