Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Manj is setting the tone from East to West.

I’ve been waiting a while to get wind of an international indie talent from the Asian continent.  Finally one has stepped up and demanded to be recognized.  My Indian brother is singing, rocking, rapping his way in to the lives of lovers and refused to be contained to one part of the planet.  You’ve got to love his motivation.  Manj aka (Manjyot Singh) is a 19 year old singer/songwriter/producer from India. He was born in Kolkata in 1993 and moved to Faridabad, Haryana in 2010. This was the first place where it all started.  With the dynamics to have certain songs in his native language and others in English, Manj won't allow any limits to be put on his potential.

In 2011 he finally founded a group of his own called "Night Rockers".  Manj along with two local musicians, a singer Abhishek and a rapper Prashant, started their musical exploration.  Their first jam was named "Na Jaane" and was a hit among the locals of their India town.  Now there is just no stopping them.  One hit after the next, they are determined to be successful in their craft.  You can always follow the Night Rockers on face book @ .

 Some of the “Night Rockers” hits include Na Jaane (RAP Version) feat. Psyntist.  You can check out  Na Jaane @ (MOST PLAYED & DOWNLOADED).
 Rockstar, Shawty - feat. Hemanta Bharali & Aaja Aaja Tu.  Check out Shawty on Soundcloud @ R&b hit)-
 Their racking up above 2000 plays and 1000 downloads.  They’re performing live in concert at the local malls.  Here's a clip of the band performing at Crown Plaza, in Faridabad.

 After releasing their song "Munde Faridabad De".  Check it out here Munde Faridabad De (Urban/Rap/Bhangra) + (Radio Played + recent hit in my city)- or, they became the first local group to be featured on Faridabad's official website, which later became their sponsor and also were invited for a live interview at Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM, where their songs were played live on air in Delhi, Ghaziabad & NCR regions.

Currently, Manj is performing his own songs independently. Manj is currently preparing to release “Be my Valentine”, for the upcoming lover’s day celebration coming up.  This will be Manj’s first debut album to be released as an independent artist.  Manj will be releasing this album through his Manj Music Indie Label.