Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dan Smith has a different vision of normality when telling stories of Savage Sistas!

 Living in a society where wars stretch on for decades and police are cleared of all charges for killing children and unarmed adults, we have become accustomed to violence. Weather we agree with it or not, it is there. Nudity has become more acceptable and accessible. It could be due to the loss of jobs and the way nudity combines the appreciation of beauty, the freedom, gaining of popularity, and the earning potential that comes with it. Either way it’s loved by many. Why am I speaking about it? Take violence and nudity and combine them and you get a horror movie. Most of us adore horror movies and were able to transition to the horror television shows like walking dead, American horror stories and all the rest.

Dan Smith is a writer and a director who has delivered various areas of visual art. He’s done illustration, art directing and designing and advertising.
 Now advancing to his latest project contains elements of a superior human being. You have major elements of unity, feminism, and empowerment, along with one of our favorite things, horror.
What I’m speaking of is Savage Sistas. The new horror movie, also the only horror film where there are four brown women as leading ladies.

This is an interesting movie and the story list as follows:
When four girl friends from LA hit the road to Vegas for a weekend of fun they find themselves lost on a desert highway and stalked by a family of psychotic, blood-thirsty rednecks.

As a fan of horror you can probably guess where this is going… but there’s a good chance you’d be wrong.
These characters are not helpless clich├ęs, tropes or sassy stereotypes.
Each one of these leading ladies is smart, resourceful and definitely badass!
The leading cast is made up of :
Erica Renee Davis

Denee Busby


Amazon Beard

Ladae Bond

You can check out the full line up at to see what’s instore.

Dan Smith is a very cool and hardworking individual who is always willing to network. You can always contact him at ,, (415)516-8432 or EYESORE PRODUCTIONS LLC, 4096 Piedmont Avenue #336, Oakland, CA 94611 and look out for Savage sistas in April of 2016.
Dan’s goal was to see more women of color in horror films! Not understanding why does Hollywood create so few kickass roles for Black women in this genre? So instead of waiting for Hollywood, they’ve created their own movie.
 SAVAGE SISTAS is not related to the 1974 action film SAVAGE SISTERS starring Gloria Hendry and by no means is this a Blaxploitation parody. This is a new twist on an old-fashioned horror story!
You can tell the hard work ethic because after appalling big wigs with a movie with such a unique cast and being turned down, they kick-started their way into completing this project.

I heard that Dan was considering using hip-hop music of Superb Lyrics in the movie, so look out for it and be sure to support.