Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who's that Girl, the hot blond, tattooed Porn Model? Kleio Valentine, a name to remember.

Many times when we watch porn movies, we are unaware that we happen to be watching movies that were made ages ago.  Seeing actors or actresses that are no longer in the industry for numerous reasons.  One hot blonde that you can be certain that is giving you fresh work for your viewing pleasure is Ms. Kleio Valentien.  She is a face that you are sure to see.  
If you're doting  right now, unsure if you recognize her or not, it's probably because you were unaware that you were watching old porn.  
Kleio is an Adult Actress, nude/ tattoo/ fetish model, and nude cam show entertainer.  Her work is always fresh and up to date since she works with the sexy tattooed punk rock Adult film actress, nude model, and Ceo of Burning, Joanna Angel. When she is not filming one of her excellent adult film productions like  

that can be found at , she is doing professional Adult shoots like this one of many in her set, shot just this month, and can be found @ .  She is also a web cam show model, continuing to fulfill fantasies at .  I've watched her perform just about the hottest shows possible, when just moments before she was miserable, or in the worst pain ever.  She's not a softy but it's hard to tell.  
   Kleio is one person who is so cute when she is interacting with fans, that I'm not sure that she's aware that she's doing it.  I tried to tell her that she's just cooler than she knows.  She interacts with others @ twitter!/kleiovalentien , on face book , or on her personal blog found on Wordpress @ . 
Kleio is a dedicated worker and usually only works with , but she can be booked by going through @ . 
     So if you plan on watching, booking one of the hottest in the business, I'd advise you to remember "Who's that girl".  Her name is Kleio Valentien. Look out for her because she's only getting hotter.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ed Einsteinwanabe: NYC's hottest upcoming Promoter is this Frenchman....

Ed Einsteinwanabe: NYC's hottest upcoming Promoter is this Frenchman....:  Everyone who's ever been to NYC understands that it is a place of extremes.  It can be a very fun place or a very tensed harsh place, an e...

NYC's hottest upcoming Promoter is this Frenchman.

 Everyone who's ever been to NYC understands that it is a place of extremes.  It can be a very fun place or a very tensed harsh place, an extraordinarily expensive place or a extremely affordable place. I've had the pleasure of meeting a person that brings the gift of keeping the availability of making the night life of the city fun, extremely affordable, safe, and glamorous.  
        He is a young event planner and party promoter that is a gift to New York City just as the Statue of Liberty.  Abou, is a Frenchman working for Prive Event Planning.  He has promoted many parties at upscale places like  the Skyroom, Empire Hotel, Cabana Yacht, and the Veranda.  He offer guest list priority in order to offer reduced rates.  He's a very cool guy and easy to get along with.

  To be added to his guest list simply contact him at , on Twitter @Ruskov60 , or on Facebook/Ruskov siix-bull or or .

He is offering a free entrance for those that read this post 
Empire Hotel : 63rd and West Broadway

On Saturday June 16th Prive Event Planning launches Hot Saturday
Nights At Empire Hotel Rooftop

The Empire Hotel has done a great job for the new season renovating the
2 outdoor decks with plush new cabanas, fireplaces, VIP areas,
additional seating and landscaping all around. The crowd is always great
so you should definitely stop by to have a drink with us.

For Free entry with no wait in line email - we are also taking table reservations for large
groups interested in bottle specials and seating area. 

So catch up with Abou, relax and party the night away on your vacation getaway, or night out with the European Nightlife.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Precautions for Tattoo Artist, Indie Musicians,photogrophers, etc..

Being that jobs may be limited and few for a while, this may be the year that our small businesses take off.  Even though these small businesses my be our aspirations and goals, there are jealous and envious minded people that choose to attempt to get richer by sabotaging our businesses.  There are a few tricks to the trades for my Indie musician, vocalist, studio producers, film directors, photographers, tattoo artist, and other  small businesses.  
Many products that we use such as Inks, Films, and even electrical products, if we look close have disclaimers and are produced by LLC.'s. What this means is Limited Liability Companies and Corporations. This is so that they cannot be fully liable for any damages that may occur.  They can only be held liable for a percentage that would be so small that the law suit would cost more than the amount that is recovered.  This would be a lost for any scheming client to pursue and would be a deterrence.  A LLC license can be obtained by filing "Articles of Organization" with your Secretary of State's office. All rules and fees can be found on your states Secretary of State's website.
Also a huge part of dealing with any customers that are troublesome would be solved by contracts.  Contracts are protection against any last minute renegotiations, change of plans, schemes, etc.  Sample contracts are available online for you to get an idea of important things to include.  Eg. A tattoo artist could use a contract like this: , while a song writer, publisher, film director, or photographer could use contracts like these: .  The important thing is to make certain names and circumstances are to your satisfaction and it's always good to have a lawyer read over them to double check your work.
Companies like Ascap(American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) 
 and BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) and Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC) are good for Singer, Song writers, Film makers, Authors, Illustrators, etc. to have their copyrights protected and their royalties collected with out any hassle.  They often provide the contracts and hassle free services.
These are all thing to consider before any of my small business owners do jobs for clients because they are so called "Cool".  In reality we are all going to encounter a client or customer that "I wouldn't wish on the Taliban."