Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Say "I remember 2013 going into a phenomenal 2014"

Hard to believe that another entire year has come and gone, but here we are ending 2013. Hopefully

there were some beautiful memories worth keeping

 this year in your thoughts.

This year I was allowed to review a few Indie entertainment personalities. There was the intensity enhancer, Ms. Joanna Angel and her beautiful crew  of Burning Angels. Though together they work better some of these bad women keep another business or two. Check out their photos for their links. Ms. Angel insist that she be followed on Instagram in order to have more fun with you. Check her out at .

Check out photo sets like
 this one and others of
 this phenom, Ms. Jo Angel @ 

Find this heart acid, Ms. Diamond @ any one of her websites
or @  ,
while the intensity enhancer ,
 Ms. Angel can be found 
@ or

Spend the New Years with this XXX- mas baby while she helps bring in 2014 at the Black Unicorn Ball on Hollywood blvd. Check it out @ purchase tickets  @

Check out the Burning Angel Store for that
toxic Burning Angel product that you
can only produce in your best warped dreams

This mirror steamer Ms. Andy San Dimas
can be seen @
or @ 

The saliva producing Kleio Valentien can be found @ or 

This blood boiler 
Ms. Rogizoid can be seen
@  Burning Angel : .
Her live show 
will be
 on January 2nd 2014 
at 10pm to 11pm
 in the Burning Angel Chat room!

Calista Mae the teaser model is a serious video gamer. She insist that if you play DDO or Left4Dead online "look me up!"
Check out this professional
teaser Calista Mae @

Ms. Callista mae is still available for your vote
 as Miss Social by Playboy. Check it out at

 Ms. Courtney Cross of the Bunny Ranch is still beautiful. She still models, dances and entertains. For a young talent like her, possibilities are infinite. From the Bunny Ranch communication that I've received, I don't think that she'll be working with them as closely as usual. She'll be venturing out and working on her own website, which I know will be as sensuous work of art. She's doing some wicked modeling and available for photo shoots and working from Sacramento, California. 
Her Model Mayhem site for
booking can be found at 
under MM# 2600914.  

Catch this sweet inebriation at @

, East Indian R&b artist Manj has relocated to Alberta Canada and continues to record. 

 and last but not least Eko the Don
Eko's music is available on a few sites ,
Check it out on youtube @ .
 You can find him on Reverb Nation @ 

Check out Eko's sound cloud @

We had unusual history composed as a story of the discovery of Insulin , you can read other stories of similar nature and compare and contrast to my own in the journal of biological chemistry at or in under inventors at . News footage of Jonestown, Guyana is available on NBC Universal archives since they covered the shooting of Congressman Ryan and the shoot out at the air strip as well as the massacre at Jonestown. So one of the links to that can be found at , Jonestown a massacre and not mass suicide. 

 Bajan & Jamaican laborers receive Silver for gold to construct the Panama Canal. Sources for that story are found at or , at , enjoy.

Hoping that all of us are content with the way we used 2013 to structure out footing in the direction of our next positive step in our path. It was heck of a year that will probably be exclusive for a government shutdown. I’m still hyped over the Red Sox- Cardinal’s world series, the Black hawks took the Stanley Cup, awesome tennis matches and upsets, stupidity is at an all- time high. We can only proceed in progression in 2014. So from your friend Ed Einstein, Happy 2014! Check me at or or or https// or Einsteinwanabe Blogspotcom or  request a cam session via email.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

What sound comes out of the Echoes or Eko of indie underground hip-hop?

In this post I’m going to introduce you to one of the underground’s Indie hip-hop artist. Based on consistency of new added material, the drive and ambition that an artist puts into their work and marketing skills, we can tell if an artist is going to last. This artist Eko is going hard in these areas and as a result he shows signs that he will thrive in his industry of entertainment and talent.

 It’s always important to listen to the indie talent because it gives artist a different option than forming to the conditions and minimum pay that may be given in a contract from well - maintained record companies or the companies contracting within the artist area of talent. This alternative choice of an artist might become a favorite and you may see more of their career and shows learning of them in such early stages of their careers and also may be more uniquely chosen to the sound of your liking.
Eko the Don is looking to make a contribution into the foundation of hip – hop. What is it about Boston Red Sox taking the St.Louis Cards to get us as motivated as this Boston hip – hop artist? Manifesting his title Eko he has become a potent echo in the Indie hip –hop category, releasing song after song with consistency.

 He made a track with Lil’ B, like “Heads up”, an inspirational anthem. Eko has just released information that he will continue to sharpen Lil’ B’s hip-hop skills. He plans to produce Lil’ B’s album. Check it out on the Sound cloud @ .

Spinning through Eko’s sound cloud your ears catch hardcore hip - hop flow covering hip – hop styles from bounce to techno and street anthems so the array is covered. On my Sound cloud you can listen to my favorite Eko tunes check it out along with my favorite tunes of other indie artist of various genres of music. Check it out @ .

Eko’s a very interactive artist and can be contacted at any of these websites for booking information: ,  .
Wishing everyone a great and successful 2014 and urging everyone to reflect on their 2013.

 In future blog post I’ll review the talents of 2013 blog post. I have post to come from beautiful women who happen to also be adult film starlets. Also coming up is a review on a Ms. Playboy model and hopefully a few more Indie talents that share their work with me are interesting, so stay posted. Submissions can be sent to me @ and feel free to check out the blog around the clock @ . Connect with me on twitter @ or on Facebook @

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brooklyn's female wiz, masters "fantasy" niche, like no one else can

When thinking of the adult sex industry, it’s the most successful that can take their productions into a full fantasy world. Brooklyn’s brunette cutie, Joanna Angel has been doing this for a while now.

 In case the name doesn’t bounce off of your common knowledge with a “Wow”, this petite sexy, pale, punker and beauty is the actor, writer, exotic dancer, webcam model, director, producer, creator and Ceo of her own adult movie corporation “Burning Angel”. She has enough technology know-how to create her own porn internet.  

With her interactive punk rock inspired and cultured, alternative model, adult sites, Joanna Angel combines the elements necessary to entertain her subscribers with new indie bands, skanky fantasies and punky/ Gothic inspired alternative models, chat rooms, blogs, live shows, photo shoots and a partridge in a pair tree.
With her dark hair with streaks of magnetta, tattoos, teddy bear brown eyes, and young features, Ms. Angel goes above and beyond the needs of her viewers to satisfy. She runs her own company, performs in adult erotic movies, performs exotic dancing, steams live performances, media productions and much more. 
This is one amazing little woman! In an industry where most either have a short lived career or a short lived life, this is one performer who has managed longevity and along the way she has managed to recruit a major army of talented and beautifully original and unique team of performers that contribute to her movie collection.

  Her performers include some of the most impressive and distinct personalities in the Adult industry. Some of her performers have graced the pages of this blog. All of her performers visually inspire the conceptual idealistic imagery and uniqueness required for the Burning Angel that Ms. Angel has envisioned. 

The models are amongst the most rarely and oddly styled beauties that you would ever imagine. I’m speaking of detailed tattoos, skinners, candy colored latex and patented leathers, lipstick, bustier and laced lingerie, Mohawks, ear gauged plugs and skanky & sweaty love, lusty pin-ups and more. 

By sharpening the imagination, and opening the mind to their fantasy world, viewers adapt to the Burning Angel's idea of sexy. The unique lustiness and originality will remain identified with these performers in the mind of the viewer.
Just by taking a look at some of the performers at Burning Angel to bring you to a visual conception of what kind of beauty that you’ll encounter there.

 I’m not trying to further any porn addiction or advertise any porn, but if you are interested in this type of fantasy imagery, then this is for you to check out.  A few of Burning Angel performers include: Kleio Valentine, Skin Diamond, Sparky Sin Claire, Phoenix Askani, Andy San Dimas, Roggizoid Shatterz and Mr. James Deen.
Joanna Angel, Rogizoid Shatterz, Kleio Valentien

Kleio Valentien:

Skin Diamond:

 Sparky Sin Claire:

 Phoenix Askani:

Andy San Dimas:

 Rogizoid Shatterz:



 Joanna Angel:

 James Deen:


Mr. Deen will be an actor in the upcoming film “Canyons” alongside actress Lindsay Lohan.  James Deen also happens to be the male adult performer who alongside Ms. Andy San Dimas starred in “The first Porn on Google Glass”. This was odd because Google does not allow the advertising of porn, and threatens to close accounts if porn is advertised. So this was very interesting hypocritical judgment on the part of Google and another breakthrough for the Burning Angel team. So incase Google seeks blood in the publishing of this blog post, it will be for a just cause, and my readers can use their mature minds to understand how crooked large industry is. You can check it out here @ .

There is always a unique spin on the movies produced through Ms. Angel. Parodies of Frankenstein, zombie movies and cult classics are some of the creative muses influencing Ms. Angel’s productivity. She’s always seems to keep an open mind into turning her passions into her viewer’s passions.

With all of the activities that Ms. Angel must attend to and all of the responsibility that she takes on, she is still a sincere personality. I have much appreciation for her taking the time out to give me the green light to include her in the blog post. Wishing Ms. Angel and her Burning Angel team much success with their business ventures in years to come.

 Ms. Angel is available on twitter at or on facebook at .Check out some of her work on or @ or @

Kleio Valentien is available on tumblr @ or follow her on Twitter at  or @ Kleio cam models @

Skin Diamond is available on twitter at or on her v.i.p website .  

Sparky Sin Claire is available at her official website or on twitter at or on facebook at  . 

Phoenix Askani can is available at her website at or on twitter at or on Model Mayhem at .

Roggie is available on tumblr at or on Model Mayhem at or on facebook at .

 Andy San Dimas is available on twitter at or on tumblr at or at her own blog at

James Deen can is available at his blog at or on twitter at .  Always remember that all of these infamous personalities can be found on Burning Angel’s website at or on twitter at .

I felt it was necessary to speak about the ventures of Ms. Joanna Angel since she is a very successful female from Brookyln, New York, a place looked down upon by many.  Though she is in an industry where many performers go astray, she remains focused.  She is an inspiration to the many people that she works with. Some of the people she works with have been through very rough times (eg. Homelessness) and still was able to focus through the madness and provide for themselves. Though many may look at porn as a shameful profession, many people who are hiding their shameful activities are not at a place in life to point any fingers or make judgmental conclusions about Ms. Angel or her performers. I think that it is an ingenious action on the part of Ms. Angel to corner the market on her angle of the business that she has decided to establish.