Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Artist turned soldier keeping it funky on the front lines.

When independent artist are doing their craft, it’s

 usually because it is where they are comfortably

 fit. No matter the form of art that they are putting 

their unique vision on, for now it’s their creation, 

project, and passion. They own it and nurture it 

until it is brought to life.

I was contacted by a musical artist from San Diego, CA. who had a burning passion for his craft. He wasn't quite as put together as he would have liked to have been and insisted that I give him a little time to develop before posting him. A year later this artist Kyle Hill, the one and same, is in the middle of the war zone playing his music for the U.S troops. So this is development.

To get that much funk into the armed forces,
you’d have to be pretty smooth. To hear Mr. Hill on the mic , you’d imagine a blues, dirt road , rock guitarist. Check it out on ReverbNation @ . He 

attributes most of his kick starter talent to his 

musical nurturing on the guitar from his caring pop. 

So it’s no surprise that Mr. Hill is an all in talent 

with a non-stop supply of funky ass blues rocking 

for all of his listeners.

I felt an urgent need to get Mr. Hill to the blog post since he is in the Middle Eastern war zone and there is a heavy threat of violence effecting everyone out there and I don’t silence voices, talents or dreams. So giving voice to the unheard and possibly bringing your attention to the soldiers and what type of people are serving their countries goals, and what they’d rather be doing.
Mr. Hill’s facebook music page is @

I’m pretty sure that Kyle would love the support andfan mail.

Until next time, enjoy the cold while you can. I’m 

ready for the Spring to thaw out. I’m not a soldier 

so I can say “ I’d like for the war to cease.”

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