Monday, July 23, 2012

Who’s that girl? Catherine Tayler

In the Adult industry a term “Milf” was developed to describe a more mature woman, around a mother’s age.  Some women are considered “Milf”, even though they are not mothers.  Just as there is a slang where women are referred to as “mommies” and guys referred to as “poppies” or “daddy”.  “Milf” is an acronym for “Mother I’d love to fuck”, as if you didn’t already know this.

Catherine Tayler is described as a “Busty Canadian Milf”.  She is also a sexy tattoo model and is available for professional shoots.  She is a firm believer of tattoos in the workplace.  As you can see she is ornamented with tattoos as well as piercings and an anchored piercing beneath her eye.  She’s quite the enchanting taboo model.  So if you’d like to include her in your calendars, posters, magazines, billboards etc. , you may book her through model mayhem @  Her model mayhem number is #2529027.  
Catherine also does lesbian porn photo shoots.  You may have seen her in photo sets like this one found at: .  Here Catherine shoots collaborates with another sexy Canadian Milf, Kylie Deville.  Catherine has her own website Ms. Deville has her own website, found at .  

In October 2011, you may have seen Ms. Tayler in porn scenes with Dirk Huge on Twisted Bliss Entertainment @, or with Chris Jenkins as seen on  Even though you may view Ms. Tayler in one or two porn movies, she does not perform in porn any longer.  She has decided to remain a webcam performer.  Performing some of the hottest busty webcam interacted masturbation and nude scenes around.  Check her out on .   She has even received the 2012 Webcam entertainer award.  
Ms. Tayler is very interactive as you’ll find out if ever you enter her blog, @ .  She not only speaks with you and answers questions, but connects you to her other activities going on.  She has a team of cam models, even though she performs daily.  So if she interest you, check her out. Like I told her when we first spoke, "I know of you already, I always keep up with the best."

  So if you come across this article and wonder "Who's that girl?" Know that she's Catherine Tayler and she's definitely worth remembering.