Saturday, May 19, 2012

Case of Skateboarder, killed by Getzville Dr.

The death of Alexandria Rice, saddens me each time I hear the story. 

 You have a super cool (18) eighteen year old female who leaves her job at a pizzeria and while skateboarding home,her life is taken away, when hit by this Doctor's car.  To add insult to injury, this doctor says that he didn't even notice a change in events until he heard two loud banging sounds.

 So just in case anyone feels he did it on purpose, he didn't even know that he killed this working class teen, until the entire incident was over, by like the speed of sound.
Ms. Rice happened to be riding a long board. I own 
the same type of board.  The difference in a long board than your average skateboard, is in its wheels, trucks and engineering.  The wheels are wider and roll for a longer distance.  The trucks are wider and hold the wheels farther apart than a normal board and are reversible.  So in the case the rider is struck they are able to touch the ground with their hand and the board will swing around and continue in the same direction as the rider is moving with out throwing the rider off.

 It's a shame when pedestrians are non existing, but in a time when pedestrians are killed daily and the murderers are uncharged for their crimes.  I'll advise all skateboarders, bicyclist, etc. to confine their activities to parks, tracks and things of this nature.  Also to wear their safety pads and helmets, when doing so.

If you're interested in this case, the doctors name is Dr. James G. Corasanti, and the case was being held in Erie County Supreme Court. There are many factors in this case that I have not mentioned, that may interest you, like, Ms. Rice was riding in the bike lane, the doctor tested very high alcohol levels, the doctor was texting , and other interesting juicy little morsels of devastating evidence.  

Sadly, Dr. Corasanti, was found not guilty and walked away innocently.

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Solo high wire act, Nik Wallenda, seen here.

From my last story you can tell the other fabulous acts that usually surround a high wire act.  I mean that is just one act out of an entire circus.  So being that hire wire man Nik Wallenda , is to walk across the Niagara fall waterfall,  watching his rehearsal is some what sub par.  Walking over dry land, on a huge rope,  with balance weights on.

   Watch the practice runs that I've included.

  No one was allowed around the falls.  All except for those on both sides of the border who have their special relaxation spots and some fortunate folks that won tickets to "Three Sisters Island."
Many enjoyed this attraction, and Mr. Wallenda came out a success.  A silly, but true fact is that when Mr. Wallenda completed his crossing of the waterfall on the high wire, he had to show the border patrol his passport.  Wow.  Talk about nit pickers.

Glad that you made it across safely Mr. Wallenda.  So every one can practice the balance beam and think of the great performance of Mr. Wallenda.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sophia Disgrace is definitely another sexy " Who's that Girl?"

Many times in the Adult Talent you may view a beautiful creature that lights your fuse and makes your curiosity explode to find out "Who's that girl?"  or "Who's that guy".  In this case that lady is Sophia Disgrace.

Ms. Disgrace is a, pin-up doll, fetish queen, dominatrix model, tattoo model, adult sex circus talent, of Adult talent, is definitely one hell of a kinky spirit.
  A sexy tease with only the most unique tattoos and piercings that will blow your mind.  She keeps Fetish and bondage thriving and vivid, just the way I like it.  Sophia Disgrace, contortionist, skills include;fire skills(eating,fakir,fire hoop) ,glass walking,stilt walking,sword swallowing,eating razor blades,living statuing,gogo/pole/cage dancing/burlesque/art performances and angle grinding equals a few of the skills of Sophia Disgrace.  She is one of  Europe and the U.K's great performers.  

She's hot and humble in a way that no one who holds these skills ever could.  No prima donna here. This fine ass beauty and talent is your rock n' roll fantasy.

 More erotica  than Madonna on a trans Euro train since Ms. Disgrace is the real deal. This rude girl's style is guaranteed to hold your attention and attract to closer.  

Don't worry, she's worth every second.  Her photo shoots are innovating and sizzling adult genre that will continued to be imitated for long after she's done, and she's just warming up.  She's a very kind, warm, artistic, cool, sexy intelligent, and focused individual that I will keep you updated on.
She's an Inked 

Bombshell model and can be found at , under her name .  Sophia Disgrace Blogs:

She has a horror video blog that's pretty cute, intimate, interesting and damn accurate .  It's at .  Check it out.  She blogs on myspace at .

She has her own horror movie news on IMB, one of my favorites.  Check it out at .

She's also a Satanic Slut. Check her out at .  Also find her on face book
Book her:
Booking and Event details can be found at Model Mayhem at , her model # is 469441 found  at

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sparky Sin Claire stays true to her manifestation of beauty.

Punk rock beauty , Alt porn Queen and all around great woman, Sparky Sin Claire giving us a lil taste of her talent in new Gypsy Camp video, "You, me, the sky and the sea. Great tune, very peaceful.  I happened to catch it after watching a new Richard Marx mothers day song, so I was like " Double score".  Hey if you have the chance, check it out.
P.S in case you've not heard of Sparky Sin Clair, , http://www.myspace.com
Gypsy Camp  video " You, me the sky and the sea"