Saturday, May 19, 2012

Solo high wire act, Nik Wallenda, seen here.

From my last story you can tell the other fabulous acts that usually surround a high wire act.  I mean that is just one act out of an entire circus.  So being that hire wire man Nik Wallenda , is to walk across the Niagara fall waterfall,  watching his rehearsal is some what sub par.  Walking over dry land, on a huge rope,  with balance weights on.

   Watch the practice runs that I've included.

  No one was allowed around the falls.  All except for those on both sides of the border who have their special relaxation spots and some fortunate folks that won tickets to "Three Sisters Island."
Many enjoyed this attraction, and Mr. Wallenda came out a success.  A silly, but true fact is that when Mr. Wallenda completed his crossing of the waterfall on the high wire, he had to show the border patrol his passport.  Wow.  Talk about nit pickers.

Glad that you made it across safely Mr. Wallenda.  So every one can practice the balance beam and think of the great performance of Mr. Wallenda.