Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Callista Mae Non-nude teaser model expanding to models

Seeing the work of beauty and being able to classify it can be difficult.  Especially when that work of beauty becomes an object of visual, physical, feminine excellence.  The task for the young gorgeous model Ms. Callista Mae isn’t complete until the tease is added.  This invites the masculine optics to appreciate these enticingly supple sets of photo magic prepared for viewers by the peach toned thick framed erotic seductress.  (25) Twenty five year old Callista Mae of Missouri has been practicing her tease work to keep fans peeping.


Checking Callista out the modeled photo shoots on Miss Playboy will be for those seeking the strictly bikini modeling and more modest side of Ms. Mae.  Here at , you can find the playful sweet heart and fulfill the dream of a few of my model friends by casting your vote for your favorite photos.

  By casting your vote, you get to acknowledge your endearment for their talents.  The models see this and may send you thank you messages and/or links to their other works.  You may also choose to use these models for your future endeavors that your company or projects that require her services.  
            Another modest and humble view of Callista’s exhibitions can be found on her blog at .  At this website you may be surprised to view an alternative side to this young, sexy and erotic woman that also requires a personal quiet spell.  

Viewers may gaze upon her very time consuming and focused collection of unbelievable and complex completed 3-d models.  This is important since there are many farfetched theories about models, sex workers and erotic entertainers that they are incomplete individuals with no sense of being.  Through simple demonstrations like Callista completing models or me Ed Einsteinwanabe publishing blogs enlightening the masses of readers of such, these theories are proven false.  So check out some of these works to refresh your sense of purpose and remind yourself that part of being beautiful is being your regular fun-loving self and doing what keeps you content.
            Now being a friend of mine, there is an expected “freaky fetish” nature to be sought out.  Don’t worry! No inqueto!  Ms. Mae is a very well-rounded entertainer.  You may watch and join her for every moment of visual interactive stimulation at her personal website.

  Sometimes Callista may request for one of her website members to join her for a live production of her fetish or erotically stimulating shoots.  She may require your assistance in fulfilling the satisfaction of her viewers.  If you are the fortunate member that can follow her instructions, then you may be the latest to be viewed alongside the savory.  There is also a chance for female models to participate and earn, while building a following and becoming a favored model on this website.  Callista allows for these opportunities all at the convenience of your computer.  One email may become the beginning of your career.  This allows for the opportunity to have fun web surfing while participating in other aspects of your life.  This is an alternative avenue to the strip club.  Check it out at or  or .  You may become a member at .

  You may become a model alongside Callista at .
“For all members of Callista’s site during the next 2 weeks of March you will be entered into a drawing for an exclusive DVD containing the past 100 videos here in my site. Recurring members will be entered TWICE!
What makes this DVD special is all of the videos will be uncensored!!
The DVD will be customized with the winners name on each video too.
Callista will announce the winner on March 30th here in the News section of her site and the winner by email. Nice!”.  You may want to check out her links at .

Ms. Mae is on social networks like facebook and twitter.  Converse with her on facebook at Speak with her on twitter at . She’s a very cool, nice, woman. Ask the question and she will usually answer.
Check out Callista modeling at . You may also book her at . 

   Hopefully everyone leaves satisfied.  Feel free to contact me with your experiences at or on facebook @ or on twitter @ or on Myspace @ or @ .  I’d like to hear all feedback, though I might not like it all, I will check it out. I’ve noticed that these days that people do not like to ask questions that actually answer their curiosity, but have gone back to an infantile state of holding in questions and expecting others to guess why they begrudge, while their questions and statements become more malicious and answer nothing. Ask me a question and if it’s of valid content and substance, I’ll answer. I’ll add to no gossip about entertainers in my post, but I may have the link you need to them, if you’re the right entity.