Saturday, July 14, 2012

“Who’s that girl, twisting to a swirl” Remember the name “Visha Loo”.

 It’s absolutely amazing when you see the skills that a person can have.  Some skills are thought to be given to a person naturally.  With certain attributes, this is true, like politeness, kindness, caring, etc., this seems true.  When it comes to a sense of being artistically versatile, this comes from practice, dedication, development and vision.  These are all character traits found in the attention holding, kind of freaky, talents of Ms. Visha Loo.

If you’re looking for an international talent to create a setting to turn your ordinary party into an event, then this sizzling hot contortionist, and adult model of Alberta, Canada, could be just the touch that you’ll need.  One of Ms. Visha Loo’s many talents is contortion.  For some of us that don’t recall the definition of contortion, it is the ability to bend, stretch, move and hold our body into positions.  For example the human pretzels that get us to thinking of the many positions in the Kama Sutra. 
You won’t see Ms. Loo in a normal flashy circus outfit doing contortion.  Ooh no.  Ms. Loo will display her other artistic qualities while performing.  Another artistic quality that this 5’2, 115lb, adult talent possess, is alternative modeling.  She is what is considered an alternative model.  When you see her modeling it’s more considerate of an art form.  Many Ms. Loo’s photo sets may be considered erotic, adult model, or fetish, some are more fashioned for tailored fashions, while other shoots will be considered horror, rock genre, or gothic.  She may be booked for her modeling skills at Model mayhem. Com @ or 
  So you might be among the fortunate to see her in sheer lingerie with nipple pasties, bending into a box, or dressed as a horror film character coming at you like 3-D HD, or one of your favorite Disney characters.

If any ladies take notice of her latex attire and realize the quality that it must be to both hug the body while giving enough elasticity to cater to the body movement of her contortion, you should know that Ms. Loo produces these latex line of clothes.  This special latex line of clothes by performer and model Visha loo, is known as Deetz.  Deetz is showcased and modeled on face book @ .  She can be contacted about your request there or or 

This small talented beauty with huge talent is of international fame.  Hailing out of Calgary, Canada, you hear of her with very high regards because she is a very interactive person who is constantly performing and willing to work with any venue to create a memorable performance and show.  
She is also Creative Director of Crimson Events.  Crimson Events is said to be Calgary’s premier kink, and fetish friendly event performer talents, that organize events that fuse an artistic creativity with fetish play and BDSM, as well as all the other various sex positive lifestyles.  I’ll let you be the judge of that when you book them for your event.  You can check out her events and/or collaborate with her and her team @ @ or .  She can be booked @ or
 I first met Ms. Loo, two years ago, and can honestly say that she is as cute, warm and kind as the first day that we spoke.  Get a chance to glance at Ms. Visha loo on her websites , , under the tab videos.  Also you’ll be able to check out her photos on her sites or buy her pin-ups  on amazon @ .  You can also subscribe to the Crimson Events Calgary youtube channel @ .  It’s an experience that you’ll never forget.  So when you’re wondering “who’s that girl, bending like a swirl?”, with a class that’s not matched by many.  The ladies name is Visha loo. 

So if you happen to be in Canada, it would be a great idea to check out Crimson Events @ , to see where the incredibly talented Visha loo, will be performing next.