Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Schooled by a lil' Lady.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a lil female professor speak to me about the lessons of her underdogs of history class, Mrs. H. Dawson.  She told me that Harriet Tubman was her idol.  She had visited her house, grave and trails.  She told me that Mrs. Tubman would carry a pistol with her, in case any of her passengers changed their minds, and decided to turn back, they were made aware of the consequence of their actions, if they decided to turn back after a warning, she killed them.
  She told me of the indentured servitude becoming permanent servitude.  Then she explained how Andrew Jackson screwed everyone that he came in contact with.  All the while, I watch this lil Anglo curly headed lady with amazement on how she angles an entire history class to view her admired perspective of the Underdogs of history.  I was "Schooled by a lil' lady.