Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tis' the season to Low ride

Banana Seats
Deluxe Beach cruiser    26" Beach Cruiser Bike Nirve Straight Apehanger Cruiser Bike Handlebar -  40" Sissybar Suspension Highback CHROME 
Since the weather has been so pleasant , I've broken out the "banana seat bike" or "low rider" ,"Deluxe Beach cruisers", "chopper bikes" ," Krates".  It's cool because it makes it cool to just cruise.  I've cruised the Niagara Falls bike path and caught scenic views of the falls, the whirlpool, and the Ontario, Ca. buddhist temple.  Other tattooed, punked, skin head, and old school pros ask me where to find the kit for a low rider bike or Banana seat bike.  First part is the handle bars.  They are called Ape hangers.  Mine have a 15" rise.  Try to keep in mind that your break cables have to stretch just right?  The Banana seat is just that, a banana seat.  The important part to a banana seat is a "Sissy bar".  This is the bar that goes from a back tire up to hold the seat and provides back support.  My seat is 16 inches and bar is 3 ft. Other things can be added, but these are the essentials.   

Often once the vocabulary is in your head, anyone can become a lowrider collector and builder. These bikes are the skeleton work of a motorcycle and can easily be made motorized with gas tank and motor attachments. Check it out because "tis the season to low ride with the cyclist. Places where you can design your own, and order parts :  nirve ape hangers @
Piston bikes;  Top low rider: bicycle designer:
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