Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the way back from NYC

On my last drive back from NYC, I couldn't help but notice how dark these highways are.  Driving through Pennsylvania's mountains and the hills of Western NY is a dark ,and very curvy path.  There are no street lights over the highway.  If one business in these small towns have a porch light on, this will be the only light with in any visual distance of the highway.  Drivers blind each other with high beams to see 15 feet in front of us, while 18 wheeler trucks fly pass us down hill at 100 mph.  State troopers love the dark for giving tickets to speeders.  It's a damn shame that they were only speeding because these dark ass lil ghost towns remind us of a horror movie or two, and they were just trying to get out of them before they ran out of gas and the zombies attacked.
We need more lights on these highways.  It can't be safe to have dark highways.  Is it supposed to be more calming, so that we get better sleep while on the road, or so that person who misplaced their glasses, has worse sight of those lil' speckled white lane dividers?  I'm not certain, but I noticed it while "on the way back from NYC."