Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Essential for Tattoo Artist

Starting out as a tattoo artist is a trying task.  It takes more know-how than people think.  It's not always about how nice your artwork is.  Tattooing is more about knowing about "Blood borne pathogens".  These are diseases that can be transmitted by blood.  When tattooing blood is left in tubes and on needles.  This is why it is important to use hospital disinfectants to clean surfaces and solutions like Metricide to soak tools before sterilizing them by steam.  Steam cleaning should also be done in a Pressure cooking type instrument called an "Autoclave Sterilizer".  These can be found on Steaming at a temperature of 250 degrees fahrenheit , for 15-20 minutes kill any remaining bacteria.  These items are "essential for any tattoo artist" ,, whether at your neighbor hood shop, their house or making house calls to yours.  It keeps the artist clear of any outbreaks of Hepatitis, HIV, etc., any a step away from being up to compliance and able to pay for his/her certificate as a Tattoo artist.  Tattoo artist regulations are found on your department of Health Website.  Use of other antibacterial products will only help the artist eg. Green Soap, Gloves, Mask, sleeves, aprons, covers, light colored walls, light colored dividers, disposable needles, sharps containers etc.