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Jonestown, Guyana was a Mass Murder, not a Mass suicide!

The beautiful month of April is such an adventure.  It's like running through the rain forest as "go, Diego, go". It begins the sweet Spring weather.  One day it's raining and one day it may be sunny.  Your allergies may begin and you may have to stay in observing the beauty while sipping ice water. 
Either way April allows us to understand a coming together of nature, and wonder how being part of nature could we ever want to separate from it.  We kind of understand as we see losers in the park talking crap like invisible bullies. Or envious and jealous trouble makers watching us wherever we may go. 
Well apart of history wants us to read another textbook and believe that cult leaders will be able to speak others into mass suicide.  Foolish, inconsiderate people with a need to be heard will poke fun at the mass murder of Jonestown by saying statements like " I won't drink the Kool-aid".  In actuality the people of Jonestown were administered potassium cyanide in grape Flavor-aide but someone would have to be a callus ass to say that.
I am going to give you an argumentative rundown on Jonestown Guyana for the month of April. Those of you interested in checking out the actual footage can watch here @ . This footage was taped the last two days of Jonestown prior to the massacre.
This is my introduction to the the Peoples Temple and their leader Jim Jones and how he came to power.
Reverend James Warren “Jim” Jones planned for a mass murder of the Peoples Temple Congregation of Jonestown, Guyana on November,18 1978. Most of Rev. Jim Jones’ practices were to create ideas of having followers that were so devoted to him that they would give their very lives to him and wait for him to bless their spirit as eternal and there is evidence that will demonstrate to the contrary. The beauty of the Utopian community of the Peoples Temple attracted these members because of the well minded practices of integration, harmony and paying attention to the needs of the people such as education and career training, never understanding how Rev. Jones could pervert these innocent concepts. For some reason history books and news media as well as Statesmen would like for it to be conceptualized into history that the members of the Peoples Temple of Jonestown be remembered as mindless followers that all committed suicide to follow Jim Jones to a ‘heaven’ that he controls. Most newspapers and history books will tell readers that Jonestown was a mass suicide. Looking at investigative reports, archived film footage, FBI files, and survivor accounts, it can be understood that this horror at Jonestown was not a suicide but more of a massive murder of a group of beautiful people robbed of their life.

Jim Jones had two interesting mentors that heavily influenced his

 life. One was Jim Jones’ father, Thurman Jones, an alcoholic, war
veteran and member of Indiana’s local KKK. The other was “Father
Major Jealous Divine” aka George Baker, an African American 

Southern evangelist. Father Divine was born in 1880 in Georgia. 

Father Divine established a following in 1899 as an assistant to 

Father Jehova aka Samuel Morris in their Peace Mission Movement

 in Brooklyn, NY. Going solo into an all Caucasian American

community of Sayville, Long Island, Father Divine established an

 astonishing following as he held services in his house.  In 1931, due 

to complaints of growing attendance as home meetings, Divine was

 arrested and jailed for 30 days, but when the Judge who sentenced him dropped dead two days after sentencing him, Father Divine announced it as “divine retribution” and began a newsletter with the title for his followers. Divine moved to Harlem in 1933 and during this time of the Depression era, he opened “Heavens” hotels, from funds collected from and by his congregation. At Divine’s “Heaven” hotel locations, he preached Christian Science and offered his followers food, shelter and job opportunities By the end of Depression, Father Divine’s missions were worth fifteen million dollars (Britannica,2013).   

So, Jim Jones knew how using the insecurities of an abused people to have total control of them, from religion to housing to childcare, to banking, they were converted back to the state of children without any control over themselves. All control was scared away from them by Christian methodology that they were sinning in God’s sight. Through these methods of Christian methodology, Jim Jones had members of the Peoples Temple report sins of other Temple members to him.  This ‘sin reporting’ was a type of mind control over the Temple members.
Minorities, Vietnam War veterans, victims of the draft, and Civil Right Leaders of the 1970’s all were well aware of the J. Edgar Hoover scandalized FBI that sabotaged Civil Rights movements, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X.  Jim Jones made the use of  the FBI’s corrupt and underhanded ways, the war draft and socialism to dupe and scare his People Temple followers out of the U.S. Jones scared members into signing a 4,000 signature petition, that the U.S. keep out of the affairs of the Peoples Temple, and sent it to Congress, even though not as many people that had signed, had gone to Jonestown, Guyana. 
“FBI agents confirmed agent posing as a Jones follower from 1955 to 1961, at which time he moved his wife and followers to Utiah, California.  They began listing Jim Jones as Armed and dangerous with Suicidal tendencies” (Vault.FBI/Jonestown,FBI records,2013), so there was a 50/50 chance that Jones would be a murderer or suicidal. “White nights” were the practice ceremonies of Rev. Jones for People Temple members at his Jonestown compound. During white nights, loud speakers played Rev. Jones’ speeches of reasons to commit suicide as Peoples Temples members were woken up from their beds and led by armed security officers to containers containing “Flavor Aide” and believed to contain potassium cyanide (,2013). According to the Atlantic Newspaper article by Jennie Rothenberg Gritz, “On November 10, 1979, Jim Jones and 900 members of his Peoples Temple, committed mass suicide in the jungle of Guyana.” This is the common opinion, that all 700 of these beautiful spirited and 200 babies and their pets, just decided to follow the orders of one man and commit suicide.
            Peoples Temple members that defected three weeks prior to 

the massacre, Teri Buford O’Shea, gave her memories of the mass 

suicide rehearsals he called “White Nights”, and her dawning 

realization that “Jones was going to kill her.” NBC film footage of 

the final day of Jonestown, when Congressman Leo Ryan went 

there to rescue the defectors, showed Peoples Temple members

 asking to leave Jonestown, their children being detained by Jim

 Jones and his security (NBC Universal Archives,1979). Stanley 

Clayton, cousin of Black Panther Party leader, Huey P. Newton, 

was a survivor and witness of the Jonestown massacre. Mr. Clayton

 was a member of Jim Jones’ security and a chef. He described 

watching 200 babies were killed by nurses of Jonestown injecting 

them with potassium cyanide. He then described Jim Jones and his 

armed security led and forced many adults, teens and seniors out of 

audience seats to containers of Flavor Aide mixed with potassium 

cyanide and valium. Mr. Clayton and others then fled into the jungle

 chased by rounds of machine gun fire and crossbow arrows 

(MSNBC.doc-Witnesses to Jonestown, 1979). This was not the story 

of people committing suicide. This sounds more like the tale of a 


NBC producer Bob Flick, eye witness and survivor of the 

Congressman Leo Ryan airstrip shooting, says that defectors told 

him that certain members were not actually defectors but Jim Jones’ 

body guards but he took them along anyway. These men ended up 

shooting the tires of the plane and the engine of the plane. They shot

 all Americans as they were loading their luggage to leave

 Jonestown. Each time a defector fell, Jonestown security guards 

walked up and shot the defective Temple members in the head. The

 Congressman Leo Ryan and NBC cameramen were all shot dead by 

American males of the Peoples Temple security staff (MSNBC-documentaries,2013). 

These details are also contrary to the belief that this was a mass

 suicide.  None of the people were able to defect, and all survivors at

 the airstrip lived by fleeing into the jungle and securing good hiding

 spots. A spokesman of the State Department of California says that 

“Peoples Temple members in the U.S. may also take their own lives” 

(NBC Universal Archives).

This speaks to the belief that 930 deaths were a mass suicide. 

On the newscast filmed by NBC on the last day of Jonestown at

 minutes 58:45:00, a letter passed from Temple member to 

Congressman Leo Ryan and was shown to Jim Jones, informing 

Jones that Temple members were ready to leave and defect. Jones is

on camera denying that Temple members’ intentions are genuine, 

and says “Whoever likes to go, can leave. Leave us alone here. We

 won’t bother anyone.” (NBC Universal,1979) This is 

the moment that Jim Jones snaps and decides to kill everyone.This 

point that proves that Temple members were unhappy there but 

could not make Jim Jones aware of it. 

At minutes 45:30:01, though many Peoples Temple members lie 

dead, and cups are on the table, the usual large jugs that dispense the

 grape Flavor Aide is open on top of tables with bottles of potassium

 cyanide turned over into the cups. The people and their pets lie

 dead, holding each other arms around waist, trying to contain the 

last seconds of life together. Even the dead that are gunshot 

casualties are holding loved ones (NBC Universal Archives,1979).

 This is not the posing of death by suicide. It’s murder. The same 

types of mass murders that take place at African diamond mines at

 the hands of mercenary pirates. It is totally unacceptable to 

discredit an entire people as a mass suicide when it’s obvious that 

they were being held as slaves, robbed of all of their possessions, 

human rights and emotions.

Dr. Mootoo, the Gyanese forensic pathologist who took the post

 mortem examination of Jonestown is quoted as saying, “ He 

believes murder, not suicide, claimed more that 700 of the 911

 persons who died at Jonestown”, and “I don’t believe there were 

ever more that 200 persons who died voluntarily” (Chicago Tribune, 

December 16,1978). About half of those that Mootoo examined 

“had died of poison being injected into a portion of their upper arms. 

It is virtually impossible for a person to inject themselves in that part

 of the upper arm.” Huey P. Newton’s cousin, Stanley Clayton, who 

managed to escape from Jonestown told the Tribune, “ Christine 

Miller, 55 year old, opposed the suicide but was held down by others 

in the community.” Mootoo said “Many of those who died by 

drinking poison mixed with a soft drink could have been physically

 forced to swallow the mixture.”

Newspapers and history books want readers and future generations

 to believe that Jonestown was a mass suicide.  Looking at the 

evidence that is collected by government agencies, and NBC news 

clips and witnesses, there are iconic figures that stand out and prove 

that this was a mass murder. This seems to be a “divine retribution” 

telling on Jim Jones wrong doing, though so many lies and careless 

investigations tell otherwise. History books, toxicology reports, news

 reports of California Statesmen are all wrong about what happened 

at the Jonestown massacre. They called it a mass suicide, but with

the evidence that is provided, shows that it was a massacre.

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Callista Mae Non-nude teaser model expanding to models

Seeing the work of beauty and being able to classify it can be difficult.  Especially when that work of beauty becomes an object of visual, physical, feminine excellence.  The task for the young gorgeous model Ms. Callista Mae isn’t complete until the tease is added.  This invites the masculine optics to appreciate these enticingly supple sets of photo magic prepared for viewers by the peach toned thick framed erotic seductress.  (25) Twenty five year old Callista Mae of Missouri has been practicing her tease work to keep fans peeping.


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   Hopefully everyone leaves satisfied.  Feel free to contact me with your experiences at or on facebook @ or on twitter @ or on Myspace @ or @ .  I’d like to hear all feedback, though I might not like it all, I will check it out. I’ve noticed that these days that people do not like to ask questions that actually answer their curiosity, but have gone back to an infantile state of holding in questions and expecting others to guess why they begrudge, while their questions and statements become more malicious and answer nothing. Ask me a question and if it’s of valid content and substance, I’ll answer. I’ll add to no gossip about entertainers in my post, but I may have the link you need to them, if you’re the right entity.   

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Keeping the sizzling hot in Texas is Bunny Ms. Courtney Cross

          With Valentine’s Day upon us, I wouldn’t want to short anyone the option of finding love.  To some people love should be found in good memories, and to some of us, we create love by recreating our fantasies. 

I’ve met someone recently that will help us to recreate our love fantasies. 

This lovely bunny is fresh off of the famed Moonlight Bunny Ranch. 

   This special  young bunny is  Ms. Courtney Cross.  One of the reasons she is so special to the Bunny Ranch's owner, Mr. Dennis Hoff, is because she is his newest bunny.  Just beginning her Bunny career in May of 2012.  

This slim, young, blonde, hotty is ready to go body to body with her crushes. 
We’ll have a little time later to get into her special talents, but first let’s meet Ms. Cross. 

This sweet, little diamond of twenty years young , will warm your heart with her adorable personality.  

She loves to converse and introduce herself.  As friendly and outgoing a person as you’ll ever 

hope to meet.  

She’s very open to people, very grounded from a little Texas town “Priddy”.  She might have started “Priddy”, but now she’s grown to a gorgeous, petite, bunny.  At a cute 5’8, D breast, slim build, soft toned country accent, and very cheerful, this woman just screams, let’s get comfortable.

 Ms. Cross has been a hard worker from such young an age, she’s made her way through many careers.  From a Daycare Provider to a Hair Dresser, a maid, and a Cook at a Nursing Home, so you can see by her jobs, that she has a very sensitive approach to handling clients. 

 In May 2012, 

Ms. Cross was working two jobs, when she decided to take her 

modeling, customer service, and Adult 

entertainment skills to the Midnight Bunny



By her detailed work ethic, you can also tell that she is very independent and it’s very important for her to be able to take good care of herself.  You may also realize that she is 

not afraid of a great deal of sweat.


She's committed and adapted to a good 

work out.  With her very sweet demeanor,

 Courtney welcomes her clients.  

There is a deep dark secret that Mr. Hof

himself knows.  The secret is that little 

Ms. C.C has a very serious fascination

 with the Disney character "Tinkerbell".


She turns into Tinkerbell sometimes and

 brings her to life. 

I have never personally experienced her

 fairy magic, but I have witnessed fairy 

magic on the HBO series "True blood" by

 the character "Sookie", and it seems to 

drive the vampires crazy.


She is also a collector of all things Tinker

 bell.  She is so into her nick nacking habit,

 that she promises to work out a special 

deal to any client to bring her Tinker Bell

 items. Ask her if you don't believe me.

Courtney has the perfect tenderness to 

welcome a virgin into their adulthood. 
Add Courtney has the perfect tenderness to welcome a virgin into their adulthood.  Dealing with virgins happens to be one of her specialties.  

Courtney welcomes Couples, and she says that she looks forward to bursting her “Couples Cherry”.  WOW, so for that lucky fella that has a lady that promised him that ménage a trois, this is your chance homeboy. 

Ms. Cross is servicing two girl couples, Girlfriend experiences, and Outdate overnights, all for your delight.  

To get warmed up to Ms. Cross, and Ms. Cross to her clients, she offers online correspondence via the internet @ or you may follow her on twitter @ .  She also has a message board that you can speak to her on at the Bunny Ranch website , at this link you can view her modeling photos.  

Ms. Cross is clearly putting up 10’s on many of her photos. 

For those of you that don’t know, The 

Midnight Bunny Ranch offers taxi,

security, and they S.t.d test their bunnies 
for the protection of them and you the 
Courtney has appeared on a few television
 shows.  I’m not sure if she has taken a chance at being an actress, I will ask her though.  
With her disposition determination and attention to detail, I’m pretty sure that she’d be a natural.  Most of the time these shows are angled to make prostitutes look bad.  Whether it is or not, is not my call, but I agree with it being a safe,fair practice.  She usually has to stand up for the rights of sex workers and their clients, taking a political stand point.  The most fun or enjoyable work that I’ve watched Courtney perform on camera besides her photo shoots is seen here.


Hopefully in the future, she will do a little acting and modeling.  

She has appeared on Judge Alex, after a cat fight with another bunny destroying her clothes, had the Hof up in arms and decides to leave the decision up to Judge Alex.  Have a look at the outcome:  
TMZ alongside Hof with the topic CATHOUSE' HONCHO DENNIS HOF Non-Celeb Paid $2 MIL to Bang My Hookers. Read more:
, Dr. Drew and on Russian T.V alongside the Hof(Owner of the Bunny Ranch) with the topic Brothels: the recession-proof business, check it out @ 
.  If ever you’d like to book the fabulous Ms. Courtney Cross, call (775)2469901 or email her @ or check out some of her links @ or correspond electronically @ .

So for all the conventional lovers, enjoy

your Valentine’s Day.  For all my 

unconventional lover’s or singles or busy

 workers, or fall all of the lovers of “The 

best lil’ whore house in Texas”, stop by

the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas and get in

touch with the irresistible Courtney Cross.


This sweetheart might be your sweet, 

sticky, candy for Valentine’s Day, or 

future occasions.