Sunday, April 13, 2014

Funky NYC nights @ The Trash Bar

Folks that are original enough to jump out of their ordinary flow of pop music and just want to drink with their people would appreciate the convenience of Williamsburg’s Trash Bar.

 I found myself ready to chill with my lady and act foolish. The Trash bar promised the best drinks in  NYC and a live performance that may varies from any indie rockers needing to record a session to karaoke singers. I had to see if this was true, so off to Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the J train to Marcy, to rock out for the night.
You’ll see on your way over there that there are about four or five other bars, lounges and dance floor restaurants with flirty, friendly, happy people greeting you. As you enter and get carded you see the bar and the pool table, but stopping for a moment, you’ll notice people in a steady flow passing you and running for the curtain. Deciding to follow will lead you to the stage and the dance floor with a separate bar.

As the music is mostly rock and pop favorites, you have a cool crowd. The dance floor has seen better days but is still a nice experience. They have one of the most genuine crowds. The crowd consist of laid back, passionate, cool people who came together to have a great time. 

The bar keeps the underground flavor going non-stop. All of the band stickers you'd ever want to see cover the d.j's booth, while the sofa and the still new car seat are available to chill on. If that ain't great grunge then you show me what is. I love this weird little get away to keep the possibilities rolling and keep the creative juices flowing. I'll continue to pass through Trash bar. I hope that they keep up the party.

The drinks were worthy of enjoyment but not the best. Still the Jack poured and the crowd roared, and we chilled and clowned the night away.

You know I had to hit up the food trucks afterward for a lamb hero. It’s Brooklyn, why not?
You can check out the Trash Bar @ or @ 256 Grand Street

Brooklyn, New York 11211 hours are Mon - Sun: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am, their telephone number is (718) 599-1000 and to book the club for a recording session email            @ or .

Friday, April 11, 2014

What & where is NymphobrainiacNights?

Have you ever went out to a night spot hoping that

 it would be “the jam”, but ended up being a

 headache with watered down drinks, over-anxious

 security, and the lamest, crappy music? Well if you

 can possibly relate, then your response to that

 answer is probably “Don’t remind me” or “That

 was not a party”. I have and I can sympathize with


For that reason, I had to take the time to include the

 most composed social venue rocking out these 

days. It doesn’t take much to realize when you’re in

 the right atmosphere on a Friday night. While on

 my getaway through the Big Apple,  I had to break

 away from everyone insisting that their night venue

 would be right for me. So I went running into the

 city night which gave way to a rainfall that only

 my oldest Spring seasons have revealed. My 

destination was La Nuit Restaurant & Tapas


I had been invited by the charismatic

 couple, Charly Carlyle and Myster Evyl.

 They had the right amount of uniqueness to relax my fear of converting into a boring normality. After subways, cabs, bus rides, I finally arrived with my date to 61st and 1st Avenue in Manhattan. I happened to catch the eye of Myster Evyl asked if he were who I thought he was.

 I happened to be right and was sent right in. I was soaked and instead of minding, Ms. Carlyle insisted it was ok and that I join the party. 

This kind gesture gave me an inspiration and a motivation to celebrate the occasion, in a time when most people would be too snobbish to put up with anything but perfection.

Though ushered

 to the dance 

floor that was
 rocking at the time by a beautiful and graceful belly dancer, who danced herself into the minds of all of her viewers, I had to take the time to check out the drinks. 

At the bar, I met a guy smoking the hookah.
 He described the mango hookah smoke that he was enjoying and the good feeling and taste to it while I ordered my Jack Daniels and diet cherry Pepsi. I took my first sip and the bite on it immediately let me know that the bottle wasn't tampered with. I was in the right place. Cheers to the weekend.

Returning to watch the wonderful belly dancer

 complete her terrifically erotically sexy and well 

composed routine, the music began and it was

 work up to turn up.


The liberal dress code gave the party a free-spirited atmosphere necessary to release some tension. I was given the option of attending the upstairs party also. Everyone was very friendly and interpersonal. I’ll pass through many more times being that you will not find many parties or genuine good people like this ever again. It was a reminiscent of the Piece of Cake Lounge, skating ring jams, Zulu Nation jams, house music parties.

Phenomenal  feeling to have attended, but I can’t

 just describe it, it’s a party. Check out the flicks

 and when you’re in NYC, don’t play yourself,

 head over to La Nuit and party at the

 NymphobraniacNights on Friday nights.

Follow Ms. Charly Carlyle and Myster Evyl on

 facebook to see postings of their special events @

or @ or @  ,
you won’t be disappointed. I'd like for them to continue to rock. Personally I think their party would triple in size in other places like the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and others. It was a priviledge to return to New York City and be able to have such classic fun. I want Mrs. Carlyle and Myster. Evyl to continue to do it like only they can.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Artist turned soldier keeping it funky on the front lines.

When independent artist are doing their craft, it’s

 usually because it is where they are comfortably

 fit. No matter the form of art that they are putting 

their unique vision on, for now it’s their creation, 

project, and passion. They own it and nurture it 

until it is brought to life.

I was contacted by a musical artist from San Diego, CA. who had a burning passion for his craft. He wasn't quite as put together as he would have liked to have been and insisted that I give him a little time to develop before posting him. A year later this artist Kyle Hill, the one and same, is in the middle of the war zone playing his music for the U.S troops. So this is development.

To get that much funk into the armed forces,
you’d have to be pretty smooth. To hear Mr. Hill on the mic , you’d imagine a blues, dirt road , rock guitarist. Check it out on ReverbNation @ . He 

attributes most of his kick starter talent to his 

musical nurturing on the guitar from his caring pop. 

So it’s no surprise that Mr. Hill is an all in talent 

with a non-stop supply of funky ass blues rocking 

for all of his listeners.

I felt an urgent need to get Mr. Hill to the blog post since he is in the Middle Eastern war zone and there is a heavy threat of violence effecting everyone out there and I don’t silence voices, talents or dreams. So giving voice to the unheard and possibly bringing your attention to the soldiers and what type of people are serving their countries goals, and what they’d rather be doing.
Mr. Hill’s facebook music page is @

I’m pretty sure that Kyle would love the support andfan mail.

Until next time, enjoy the cold while you can. I’m 

ready for the Spring to thaw out. I’m not a soldier 

so I can say “ I’d like for the war to cease.”

Check out the blog spot on twitter @ , on myspace @ , on facebook @ , or on tumblr @ . I’m always posting the adult independent talents, their services, parties/ events/ recruitments/ auditions, special deals, unpopular interesting news. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How many talents does Ms. Phoenix Askani have?

The title Adult Talent, has been taken for granted at times. Some people that might just think of Adult Talents as willing, souls who enjoy life in front of cameras for whatever crappy deal they can work out until they land a golden opportunity. It doesn’t seem as if they know much about anything, from just watching one thing, that they might have performed before. When I describe it like this we can understand that’s a closed minded way of thinking. It’s kind of, like figuring that the writer of this blog is only a blog writer. All of us have many different things that we are good at.

Sight plays a major part in her work. So her style is a visual magnet as her slender frame takes you around the bases for a home run or whether she’s modeling some sizzling outfit. You may have previously viewed this starlet with her shoulder length ginger ending at her male lion tattoo as she catches your attention as blue/gray hazel eyes gaze, her slim frame stretches out of your peripheral view. 

Well you’ll recognize a change in her shade as seasons change the Phoenix picks up a gold tone. She’s now a blonde.

Well since we’ve taken off our blinders for now, I’d like to introduce you all to one of my favorite adult talents, Ms. Phoenix Askani or as she’s listed on her Burning Angel profile PHOENIX FUCKIN A. Though your first thought maybe that “She’s a Burning Angel hottie”, that’s true, but there is also more to this cosplay slimy. 

Ms. Askani is a Chi-town, Illinois native, who like Obama, Oprah, and all of the others from Illinois, decided to put their name in bold letters. Her stage name Phoenix Askani was chosen from her favorite comic book character, of the X-Men, is Jean Grey. The Phoenix part is from the phoenix force that embodies both Jean Grey and her future daughter, Rachel Summers, who starts a clan called the Askani clan, and "askani" means "outsider" in Latin. That’s just part of her repertoire. She’s like the female part of Wu-tang clan, blazes up and everything. 

 To relate to her on other topics it would be best to check out her blog. Blogging is another of this sizzlin’ petite’s talents.  You can check it out on her Thought Catalog. What an ideal name for your idea note pad. Yeah? Well you should take a look at Phoenix Askani | Thought Catalog @‎ .
This young lady understands the working of an adult movie from locations to film, her fees. Will her choices of marketing, business partners, and deals put her to her apex is a question that only time will tell. Ms. Askani plans and chooses who she’ll work with to satisfy the pleasures of the masses and to take her in a direction more comfortable for her.  Ms. Askani is an indie at her best. I feel as if I’m speaking to a booking agent when I spoke to her, which is good since it shows me that she knows her way with business well and looks forward to her next job eagerly. She seems to be shaping her own career in the industry. 
Ms. Askani isn’t with OC modeling any longer and only shoots Adult work with established studios that she is familiar with. This is understandable because we’ve all had our limit of fake studios that can barely get the recording correct, try to own your copyright, leaks your work to get other jobs without your permission, never finish the product past first take and things like that. 

One interesting new fact is that Ms. Askani is now only shooting b/g aka man/woman Adult scenes with her romantic partners and for her own content. These are her basis because she now only works with women and is independently represented.
So though there are a few changes in her style and marketing procedures, she’s a major element in the indie adult category and she looks as if she’s setting up shop here. Look out for her, Ms. Phoenix Askani.
You can check out Ms. Askani's work on Burning Angel @ and find most of her links @ . Her model mayhem page is @ or on tumblr @ . You can find her on instagram @ 
Thank you Ms. Phoenix Askani for your time and hopefully we can work together one day.