Monday, May 21, 2012

Allow me to Ad lib for Will Smith?

Please allow me to Ad lib this situation?

"Mr Smith: Hey nice to meet you.  Hold up, this ain't Jada. (Philadelphia comes out, and says "Give me space") Watch out, I got things to do, bwoy. What's wrong with you. You know damn well that it'll take a billion to even discuss the 3-d, I-robot version of broke back mountain.  ( Smack insert) Never catch me slippin'.  See ya later."
"Reporter:  Cheek kissing, "faire la bise", is mostly accepted among the upper class, I am only greeting him with the utmost respect. "

Will Smith appears in a still from a Life News video at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3 on Friday, May 18, 2012. - Provided courtesy of Life News

The reporter, who received a slap on the Smith name is Vitaly Sedyuk

Hey, this situation is interesting, if nothing else.  Yes Mr. Smith may be your idol, and you may be given the opportunity to interact and meet him.  Show respect, give him space( he's famous for a reason and he knows how to party), Always remember that he is from Philadelphia and will and can bust your ass, if he chooses to.  Mr. Smith felt insulted by the gesture.

Alright, now, devils advocate.
 Reporter gives Mr. Smith a European kiss greeting and is reprimanded for it.  Ruins his illusion of Will Smith, super fantastic movie star, who he bought all his albums, watched all of his films and television show.  It lets This reporter  know that Will Smith is what ever level of guy that would smack you and then say what he said after he smacked you, would be considered.
Cheek kissing, "faire la bise", is mostly accepted among the upper class.  Oh, well, that teaches you a lil'something about the American upper class, huh?

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