Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One of Brazil's best Photographers! "Who's that Girl?" The lady is "Kasha Lee"

It's a habit of mine to keep up with terrific, beautiful and amazing talent.  Especially when it's from an alternative lifestyle, genre, art form etc.  Brazil has a knack for beauty, and for this Icon rock beauty, it must come natural because whether she's filming horror, shooting beauty, Alt. porn or daily life, she does it from her own mouth watering and sexy point of view. 

I'm speaking of one of Brazil's best photographers, Ms. Kasha Lee.  Ms. Lee as you can see is also a tattoo model , actress, and film maker.  She loves horror genre, like zombies and vampires.  I know you're thinking "who doesn't", but what's better than an artist that takes a hands on exploration into their art?  Nothing, talent is unlimited.
This photographer/film maker/tattoo model from Porto Alegre, Brasil is the beautiful, tattooed, rock hottie, Kasha Lee.  Ms. Lee has always built a foundation for the fashion/ glamour world as if she was a well studied school teacher.  She's no New Jack, trust me.  

She's has dazzled me with her work since I first introduced myself to her about two years ago. 
 You can follow her beauty, style, as she has a ball making her fun into work into art, like magic on websites like: look book  @ or @ under KashaNurse @ or on facebook @ 
 Just one look at her, or her work and she will win you over.
Kasha and her team, recently sent me a Youtube short of her new production the "making of Demon Divas", to let me know that she is always busy at work.  I'm working on getting her link to United States internet servers.  Soon as I have that info, all of Mi Gentes en el Einsteinwanabe will be informed.  As for booking the Film world's skilled trade worker, I think she's well capable of keeping you occupied until then.  or @ Myspace
You may also view her work and purchase her works or book her for a shoot @

 Whether you're in the U.S or South America, this is a talent that is worth the exploration.  So if you have a chance, take a glance.  Ms. Lee is a very sociable individual with great interpersonal skills and very unique taste.  Ms. Lee is a definite trend setter.

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