Saturday, July 7, 2012

Breaking the monotony by tuning you into Brooklyn, NY talent "The False Alarms".

Brooklyn, NY a place that gives birth to many great talents.  Not an easy place to earn anything.  Out of the callus, corruption, and the striving, comes this awesome sound from a band that I promise you, that you'll be glad to know and remember.  
This band is known as "The False Alarms".  They accept the categorization of Blues/Punk, but when you analyze those two genres of music, you can just imagine the devilish funk that will come about when you combine the two elements.  
Keep up with the fellas while they perform and you'll find yourself visiting some of the most unique spots in the city and supporting a band that is earning their keep. They've performed at places from Brooklyn's rock & roll spot "The Trash Bar" to "South paw".
As I was telling lead vocalist/ guitarist Mr. Donway, when he was speaking to me about the band, "You do know that I already am listening to you fellas, right?" "I keep up with the best."  To keep up with the False Alarms is to keep up with the best.
If you'd like to keep up with "The False Alarms", here's how you can get started. Know the members: Ethan Donway: Guitar/Vocals, Jay Sharp: Guitar, Alex Sochinsky: Drums, "New York" Nick Curran: Bass.
Also check out their music @ or @ Reverb Nation @ or on facebook @ .
guarantee a sound worth checking out, a band worth watching, listening to and interacting with. Breaking the monotony by tuning you into Brooklyn, NY's own "The False Alarms".