Friday, August 1, 2014

Does the Lifestyle make the model or the Model make the lifestyle?

 Often when I have the opportunity of meeting a new talent I take the time to reflect on the person in relation to the job that they actually do. It’s something I do in my own life for myself when evaluating my own fulfillment of any task. It helps me to do things in my own unique way.
 Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure of holding a few conversations on an international model. She kept me wondering by all of the things that we spoke about that make her stand out from other models. For one, she never comes out and tells me her resume and what she is known for. She speaks straight from her everyday life and what is her routines and pleasures for keeping happy, normal things that keep her going and keep her so admired in the public eye. Her tone is so calm that speaking with her mellows me out. I began to feel like I had just taken a bite of an avocado. After listening to the details of her life in our conversation, I knew that I was speaking to a very humbled, cultured, free spirit and there was some higher purpose pulling this woman to her field of expertise.

 She mentioned about how she spends time training thoroughbred race horses, naming her stallions to me, telling me about her farm where she enjoys spending her time riding horses. 
She was also a production assistant on a short movie “The Wonder Girls”. 

The international model that I’m speaking of is Playboy model “Snow Bunny” Crystal Brooke.

 From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,  a small petite size of 5’3, 114lbs, the soft spoken, well-mannered model/ go-go dancer comes off more as a socialite than a model.
 Since I’ve had the pleasure of keeping up with her I’ve noticed that she is always giving models advice on how to be there best since she has been a winner of Miss Playboy Social international.

 She has become a mentor for many up and coming models and they are constantly thanking her.

As I sat back and thought about it, she was the perfect bunny if you’ve ever read a Playboy magazine. Just as they might have this beauty and you’d have this description of their many talents, yeah she fits the bill. In this situation of this woman who kept to her happiness, mannerisms, fashions and hobbies along with an aspiration to be a glimmer in the eyes of the public has proven to me that it is the lifestyle that makes the model and by continuing along with hers, Crystal Brooke has created herself as Miss Playboy Social.

Check out her most active links. On Twitter you can stay updated at On Instagram at or her Playboy’s Miss Social profile at . Thanks to you Ms. Brooke and I look forward to your future projects.