Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrapping up 2014 with observation of the atrocities and being a positive part of the information being shared and utilized about them.

My last post was about the terrible bullying of Palestine by Israel and how despite the slanted stories being told by the media we must say something to make our disapproval known.
In these last few months there have been not only the killing of unarmed people by police, babies being melted by swat team/police constantly choosing the wrong address to swarm for fugitives, cyber bullying deaths, but there have been great big protest that the media has refused to cover. Social media has become a gateway for covering some of these stories piece by piece. Though some of the biggest stars out ignore these things as if nothing’s happening, others have been posting important parts of this as to aid in the awareness of the effort to be heard and find justice. For example Samuel L. Jackson changing the ALS ice water challenge to a song challenge, hip-hop artist Nas and Q-tip marching with protestors, ex porn personalities like Betty Blac, India Morel, current porn starlets like Arabelle Raphaelle or the great hip-hop photographer  Ernie Paniccioli posting about the efforts or important current events on social sites like twitter or facebook are being more proactive than others who might post a photo of the Rockefeller Christmas tree heavily cropped so that it’s the only thing that you see in their trip to New York photo.  Even though protesters blocked the Rockefeller center Christmas tree, most who attended it wouldn’t acknowledge this.
To ignore the efforts of those people fighting for their rights is just as bad as going against the people’s efforts.
There are so many diverse efforts in the world that need to call attention to them like students in Hong Kong, police killings of civilians in Mexico, Ferguson protest killing of unarmed civilians by police becoming so severe the KKK joined, Palestine’s efforts to end their killings by Israel, New Yorkers protesting unarmed civilians killed by police.
The interesting thing about some people supporting the efforts are standing up for the blood spilled of their relatives who are not considered minorities but lived in a minority populated area where they became considered minorities though Caucasian were targets of police/ swat team swarm and search deaths. While police in NYC use the excuse of a Maryland resident who killed his spouse/lover and then sought out two minority policeman and killed as a reason to put an end to the efforts of the many, others understand that this is a strawman using the violence of a tourist in a town where tourist of the world flock on a daily basis. Anyone who has ever picked up a book on criminal justice knows that the police are supposed to be employees of the community and all of their tactics are supposed to conform to aid the community’s citizens and though police compose statistics to justify their actions, Chebyshev’s theorem won’t be returning the unjustly killed to the earth.

With all of the things going on, sometimes we all have to have a moment of righteous unification and dedication to the efforts of those that have been wronged. Going into 2015 if we are looking to improve this society we should step into the efforts that are helping to mold the correction to do so. So even though the police think that submitting evidence of an insane woman killer who elevated to the killing of police as reason to end the protest, communities must stay vigilant to the reality of slanted stories and reasoning just as watching Fox News and or CNN commentaries have been presenting. If some of the famous personalities that you watch are not informed enough, maybe they’re not as ‘down to earth’ as you perceive them to be an not worth as much attention as you’re paying to them. If this blog is about achieving communication and information, then I hope that it is providing it as best as possible to satisfy any reader. Going into 2015, I hope that we will look for these traits in everything we become involved in. Enjoy and have a happy and safe new year.