Sunday, July 29, 2012

Caught in the mix with twice "Band of the Year" winner, D.J. Anthony Provalone.

This week's Indie, D.J. is Anthony Provalone, a native of Buffalo, NY.  He's not your average joe, not your average D.J. either.  This D.J has simply paid his dues but he has sold stocks in himself, invested in himself, then bought himself as an entirety.  It might sound crazy but sometimes genius can take you there.  D.J Provalone makes mixes that range from your mixes that you'd hear in a high speed action movie fight scene, to the type of mix for vampire movies, skateboarding scenes, intense sport scenes, or eye opening clarity.  Though Anthony Provalone is Indie, he's no "new jack".  
D.J Anthony Provalone started off with the ambition to do a solo project but considered the difficulties of conducting business by himself, so he took on band mates.  With band mates comes selling percentages, so that's what he did.  Bands break apart when band mates have other priorities ahead of a band and so did this one.  So this D.J bought back the percentages and using his d.j skills, mixed each band mates parts to his satisfaction.  Believe it or not, this little adaptation done in the pursuit of happiness happen to work in this d.j's favor.

His mix CD " The First Time" was rated best of 1996 according to Night-Life music editor Kevin Hosey.  His single "Look" on the "Elevation of Depression's" CD,  was included on the "Buffalo Music Collective Vol.1". Also Mr. Provalone won the "Best New Artist" at the Buffalo Music Awards.  His single mix "Chigger" was included on "Buffalo Music Collective Vol. II".  
  Elevation of Depression won "Best Experimental Artist" at the WBNY local show music awards and was named "Best of Buffalo" for a second time, only this time in the category of Best Local Industrial Band".  Mr. Provalone also won Buffalo Music award for Top "Hard Core/Metal band".
His mixes, like most icon D.J.s of today, held fans attentions during the 90's all the way in to the 2000's.  This D.J is one of the coolest that I have met in a long time.  He not only mixes for show's where he opens for bands like Vast (Electra Records) and Twelve Rounds (nothing Records), but he also D.J.s mixes at weddings.
Being an indie d.j of a unique genre, starting in the 90's, a period where great music was being produced in massive amounts, he is still mixing it up, producing, recording artist and doing a solo band.  I'm on him to set up his band site and as soon as it's up, I'll have it posted here. Don't hesitate to contact this d.j and have him send you a sample via email, because he will.  D.J Anthony Provalone can be contacted for bookings or music samples @ .