Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uk hip hop artist Dragg is bringing a sense of hearing and feeling to his music that most artist can’t envision.

When recently approached by Ms. Jazzy Ayer of Jaz PLR Promotions and asked if I mind posting one of her artist to the blogs, I thought, "cool, I love indie artist."  Once she explained to me that this young hip hop artist is also vision impaired, I thought this experience will be a bit more special.
  I have a theory that if you are forced to hear the musical creation with the heightened sense of hearing, listening and identifying sounds by ear, that the music will be formed into a more pleasant sound.  In this case I seemed to be right.
Who is this hip hop artist?  His title is Dragg.  Dragg is a young man, who has stayed in positive spirits and focused into completing his craft.  Drag is from the United kingdom via Johannesburg, South Africa.  Johannesburg is where this hip hop artist started in his rap roots.  Composing his lyrics in a way more satisfying to him, opposite the way that many of his favorite songs went astray, Dragg strives to uplift the spirit of his listeners.
According to the opinions of Dragg, one thing he noticed in his native Africa, was the need for music containing less violence.  Dragg seems to be troubled that in most of his favorite music, violence was the only option and everything great was just given to those with an aggressive, obnoxious attitude.  Dragg solution to this is exposing listeners to lyrics that demonstrate that there are struggles and how he approaches them and overcomes them.  The interesting thing about this artist is that his messages do not sound forced.  He understands how to melodically create a song.  He along with his production staff are creating excellent music.
Dragg is established and focused for and indie artist.  In September, 2009 Dragg was invited to join Project Feenix for a performance on The Sesh Stage at Freedom Festival in Hull. He has also made appearances on BBC Radio Humberside was with Sarah Burton and was broadcasted twice on Andy Comfort’s breakfast show. Alan Raw also invited Dragg into BBC Radio Humberside on 2 occasions in 2011 were he performed live in the studio on the Raw Talent Show.You can check out his sound @  or or or or or  or and understand what I mean when I say that Drag is very melodic.

 Dragg has just released a mixtape, and he would love it if you could check it out and review it for him.
It is called The Warm Up Vol .1, Check it out at .
 Dragg is very interactive and can be contacted through most social media like or  or his management.  To book drag if you’re feeling his music, simply use his contacts: 
UK Management Contact:
David Okwesia
Mobile: 00447721526768
US Management Contact:
Shelly Meyer
Skype: shellymeyer1
PR Contact: Celebritize You and Lena Hunt PR
Skype: lena9875
Jaz PLR Promotions