Sunday, October 7, 2012

This new Indie R&B singing hard worker is willing to sweat on the tracks to bring you his harmony. Presenting Mr. Leemanuel.

Leemanuel's Official Site
Milwaukee, Wisconsin is essential to this R&B new comer, Mr. Leemanuel, it’s the place where he is hard at work.  This young talented singer finds his discipline, direction, and harmony somewhere within this town.  He devotedly finds the energy to write, harmonize and produce his music, while keeping his direction well within the boundaries of cantors, ballad singers, and singing groups that have come before him.  
Milwaukee, Wisconsin is essential to this R&B new comer, Mr. Leemanuel, it’s the place where he is hard at work.  This young talented singer finds his discipline, direction, and harmony somewhere within this town.  He devotedly finds the energy to write, harmonize and produce his music, while keeping his direction well within the boundaries of cantors, ballad singers, and singing groups that have come before him.  Leemanuel was signed by New World Records, where he worked as both a staff writer as well as an in-house producer. He’s also had the opportunity to work with the likes of rapper Speech (Arrested Development.)  Still, after dealing with other parts of the music industry, Mr. Leemanuel had decided to continue to nurture his craft and create solo projects that are tailored to his approval.  Patience has bought him to his recent album “ Six Over one-seven”, in which he aims to “define the muse”.  This should keep his listeners in prospective with the direction that Mr. Leemanuel plans to take his music, while giving them the flavor of his art that they’ll come to desire.
The music of Leemanuel is available @,, ,,!/leemanuelsmusic,, or .
He has included Christmas songs to bring in the seasons also.  With a work ethic like his, I doubt that he’ll have the time to let you down.
To book Mr. Leemanuel for your venue, party, or concert, contact him @ Leemanuel / 262-339-7554 / / .

Monday, September 10, 2012

Who’s that girl? New Indie Author, Maggie Jones

Recently I made the acquaintance of a very fascinating woman.  This woman happens to be an independent author, Maggie Jones.   
Ms. Jones was once a songwriter who received a House Music Award in 1987 for Best Music Composition for the dance song "If you only knew" which was a dance hit recorded by Chip E. and Kelvin Irving. "If you only knew”, also reached number 2 on the Billboard Breakout Chart in January of 1987. There are many mixed versions of her song, the most popular one is the "If you" dance mix. It was a hit in the dance clubs, making a major contribution to the Chicago house music genre.  Check out "If you only knew"- .   When this lady sets her mind on success, this is what she’ll deliver quality until she receives it.
 Ms. Jones has penned a romance novel, and coincidentally, writing romance novels happen to be her specialty.  Writing romance novels happens to be a favorite past time of this Chicago native.  Pursuing her passion, Ms. Jones now arrives at her recent release, “Jade T. Stevens- book I.”

Jade T. Stevens seems to be a rockabilly type, romance, pulp fiction, that takes place in the nineteen seventies.  The main characters are two gorgeous teens, Bryan and Jade.  Bryan has a kick-ass band that Jade joins, causing jealousy and tension between her and other female band mates.  As fire heats beneath this stewing tale and submitting to feelings, stir up possibilities, this adventure continues.
Teens, music and relationships progress steps further in a world of temptation, reputations, strict religions, and rock and roll. What choices will band leader Bryan, coming from a Christian family, that doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, decide to choose, with beauties similar to Marilyn Monroe steaming his mirrors?  Check it out at- , available on your ebooks and kindle through amazon. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Combining a vision & a Rastafarian D.J = ViZionary

Recently while keeping with my easy going ways, I was made the acquaintance of a D.J. from Vermont.  Mr. Addam Cram D.Js @ WERU 89.9 FM rocking out of Blue hill, Maine.  He is usually rocking out to reggae, smoke tunes, alternative or conscious vibes, feel free to listen @ .  Mr. Cram is a reggae/folk/ alternative musician known as “Visionary.  Like most people that I’ve met from Maine, Mr. Cram is a free thinking, music loving, strong minded individual with his own unique style.  He specializes in drawing, photography and playing instruments of different cultures like the dulcimer, djembe, or the Didgerido.  Watch here as he demonstrates his skill playing the dulcimer cool thing about all of the projects and art that he does is how it all fits together in the circle of things when he assembles his album.  One of his projects that he has done was calling all of the musicians that walked by his apartment and recorded them for the weekend. The album of his work readily available is “Third-I”.  It can be viewed and purchased from the Visionary Sight website @ .  Do check it out sometime.  Visionary’s sound is versatile as he is sometimes doing alternative music and sometimes conscious vibration reggae, and Rastafarian chants.  Check out his sound on sound cloud @ . Visionary also has a youtube site where he allows others to watch his creative progress, check it out at .  Combining his vision with yours and you might come up with a new favorite being that he's not in a hurry to sound like the usual.  This artist instead prefers to develop his art and have fun while doing so.  He produces a unique and original sound.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indie Director, B. Rain keeps his lens, lit and ready for action

When I mention calisthenics, most people will think of a warm-up or short set of push-ups to keep them a little more toned.  Calisthenics are simple systematic rhythmic bodily exercises, stretches, movements performed repetitively, usually without apparatus, extra weights or equipment.  Calisthenics use different and various patterns of lifting one’s own body weight, to become physically fit, and improve psychomotor skills. Calisthenics are exercises that transcend a simple classification and fit perfectly in parts of gymnastics , sport training, yoga, or Buddhist meditation, pole dancing and contortion.
When you see groups like the Bartendaz , or world record holder of the human flag Dominic Lacasse, some tend to wonder how to learn to do the sort of training that produces these metaphysically powerful results.  Indie movie director B. Rain Bennett says though calisthenics was once a subculture, it’s now going main stream.  Mr. Bennett plans to prove this as he has been doing a majority of the filming on these fantastic events.  Working along with Flying Founder Productions he is currently producing a feature length documentary about these iconic innovators of calisthenics, titled RAISE UP: THE WORLD IS OUR GYM. 

RAISE UP: THE WORLD IS OUR GYM not only is to expose the modern day urban calisthenics workouts in the parks but also explains the origins of the workouts that derived from the classic bodyweight exercises.  Mr. Bennett brings clarity to how this calisthenics culture has become a world-wide sensation through film.  This Brooklyn, NY producer has been working with the calisthenics community since 2007 and plans to enlighten the world on health, fitness and how to strengthen their communities.

B. Rain is currently shooting short videos in NYC and shooting “Raise Up”, so following his events you may end up being filmed in one of his documentaries or shorts.  Though he is busy producing and writing, he still frees up his time to interact with others.  Follow B. Rain Bennett @ Facebook or on twitter @ or contribute toward the documentary @ or @

Follow the Bartendaz @ or on Facebook @ .  Follow Dominic Lacasse @ .

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uk hip hop artist Dragg is bringing a sense of hearing and feeling to his music that most artist can’t envision.

When recently approached by Ms. Jazzy Ayer of Jaz PLR Promotions and asked if I mind posting one of her artist to the blogs, I thought, "cool, I love indie artist."  Once she explained to me that this young hip hop artist is also vision impaired, I thought this experience will be a bit more special.
  I have a theory that if you are forced to hear the musical creation with the heightened sense of hearing, listening and identifying sounds by ear, that the music will be formed into a more pleasant sound.  In this case I seemed to be right.
Who is this hip hop artist?  His title is Dragg.  Dragg is a young man, who has stayed in positive spirits and focused into completing his craft.  Drag is from the United kingdom via Johannesburg, South Africa.  Johannesburg is where this hip hop artist started in his rap roots.  Composing his lyrics in a way more satisfying to him, opposite the way that many of his favorite songs went astray, Dragg strives to uplift the spirit of his listeners.
According to the opinions of Dragg, one thing he noticed in his native Africa, was the need for music containing less violence.  Dragg seems to be troubled that in most of his favorite music, violence was the only option and everything great was just given to those with an aggressive, obnoxious attitude.  Dragg solution to this is exposing listeners to lyrics that demonstrate that there are struggles and how he approaches them and overcomes them.  The interesting thing about this artist is that his messages do not sound forced.  He understands how to melodically create a song.  He along with his production staff are creating excellent music.
Dragg is established and focused for and indie artist.  In September, 2009 Dragg was invited to join Project Feenix for a performance on The Sesh Stage at Freedom Festival in Hull. He has also made appearances on BBC Radio Humberside was with Sarah Burton and was broadcasted twice on Andy Comfort’s breakfast show. Alan Raw also invited Dragg into BBC Radio Humberside on 2 occasions in 2011 were he performed live in the studio on the Raw Talent Show.You can check out his sound @  or or or or or  or and understand what I mean when I say that Drag is very melodic.

 Dragg has just released a mixtape, and he would love it if you could check it out and review it for him.
It is called The Warm Up Vol .1, Check it out at .
 Dragg is very interactive and can be contacted through most social media like or  or his management.  To book drag if you’re feeling his music, simply use his contacts: 
UK Management Contact:
David Okwesia
Mobile: 00447721526768
US Management Contact:
Shelly Meyer
Skype: shellymeyer1
PR Contact: Celebritize You and Lena Hunt PR
Skype: lena9875
Jaz PLR Promotions

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Caught in the mix with twice "Band of the Year" winner, D.J. Anthony Provalone.

This week's Indie, D.J. is Anthony Provalone, a native of Buffalo, NY.  He's not your average joe, not your average D.J. either.  This D.J has simply paid his dues but he has sold stocks in himself, invested in himself, then bought himself as an entirety.  It might sound crazy but sometimes genius can take you there.  D.J Provalone makes mixes that range from your mixes that you'd hear in a high speed action movie fight scene, to the type of mix for vampire movies, skateboarding scenes, intense sport scenes, or eye opening clarity.  Though Anthony Provalone is Indie, he's no "new jack".  
D.J Anthony Provalone started off with the ambition to do a solo project but considered the difficulties of conducting business by himself, so he took on band mates.  With band mates comes selling percentages, so that's what he did.  Bands break apart when band mates have other priorities ahead of a band and so did this one.  So this D.J bought back the percentages and using his d.j skills, mixed each band mates parts to his satisfaction.  Believe it or not, this little adaptation done in the pursuit of happiness happen to work in this d.j's favor.

His mix CD " The First Time" was rated best of 1996 according to Night-Life music editor Kevin Hosey.  His single "Look" on the "Elevation of Depression's" CD,  was included on the "Buffalo Music Collective Vol.1". Also Mr. Provalone won the "Best New Artist" at the Buffalo Music Awards.  His single mix "Chigger" was included on "Buffalo Music Collective Vol. II".  
  Elevation of Depression won "Best Experimental Artist" at the WBNY local show music awards and was named "Best of Buffalo" for a second time, only this time in the category of Best Local Industrial Band".  Mr. Provalone also won Buffalo Music award for Top "Hard Core/Metal band".
His mixes, like most icon D.J.s of today, held fans attentions during the 90's all the way in to the 2000's.  This D.J is one of the coolest that I have met in a long time.  He not only mixes for show's where he opens for bands like Vast (Electra Records) and Twelve Rounds (nothing Records), but he also D.J.s mixes at weddings.
Being an indie d.j of a unique genre, starting in the 90's, a period where great music was being produced in massive amounts, he is still mixing it up, producing, recording artist and doing a solo band.  I'm on him to set up his band site and as soon as it's up, I'll have it posted here. Don't hesitate to contact this d.j and have him send you a sample via email, because he will.  D.J Anthony Provalone can be contacted for bookings or music samples @ . 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Who’s that girl? Catherine Tayler

In the Adult industry a term “Milf” was developed to describe a more mature woman, around a mother’s age.  Some women are considered “Milf”, even though they are not mothers.  Just as there is a slang where women are referred to as “mommies” and guys referred to as “poppies” or “daddy”.  “Milf” is an acronym for “Mother I’d love to fuck”, as if you didn’t already know this.

Catherine Tayler is described as a “Busty Canadian Milf”.  She is also a sexy tattoo model and is available for professional shoots.  She is a firm believer of tattoos in the workplace.  As you can see she is ornamented with tattoos as well as piercings and an anchored piercing beneath her eye.  She’s quite the enchanting taboo model.  So if you’d like to include her in your calendars, posters, magazines, billboards etc. , you may book her through model mayhem @  Her model mayhem number is #2529027.  
Catherine also does lesbian porn photo shoots.  You may have seen her in photo sets like this one found at: .  Here Catherine shoots collaborates with another sexy Canadian Milf, Kylie Deville.  Catherine has her own website Ms. Deville has her own website, found at .  

In October 2011, you may have seen Ms. Tayler in porn scenes with Dirk Huge on Twisted Bliss Entertainment @, or with Chris Jenkins as seen on  Even though you may view Ms. Tayler in one or two porn movies, she does not perform in porn any longer.  She has decided to remain a webcam performer.  Performing some of the hottest busty webcam interacted masturbation and nude scenes around.  Check her out on .   She has even received the 2012 Webcam entertainer award.  
Ms. Tayler is very interactive as you’ll find out if ever you enter her blog, @ .  She not only speaks with you and answers questions, but connects you to her other activities going on.  She has a team of cam models, even though she performs daily.  So if she interest you, check her out. Like I told her when we first spoke, "I know of you already, I always keep up with the best."

  So if you come across this article and wonder "Who's that girl?" Know that she's Catherine Tayler and she's definitely worth remembering.   

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go back to the Future of D.J’s with D.J. Fade

               From a place known for its many dedicated and creative musicians, the world’s tallest rollercoaster, among other things, comes one of the next hot independent talent, D.J Fade.  I’m talkin’ bout Joy-z, uhh, eh emm’, I mean New Jersey.  This hot spot adjacent to New York City must have a way to spawn originality because the sound that is created by this young D.J/engineer/producer is definitely of a unique quality.  I’m pretty certain that this D.J goes to his own universe and brings back space dust on his music.  He tells me it’s from the future. 
He creates a sound that is referred to as “Brick City Club Music”.  When I listen to his sound, I definitely hear elements of club music, as well as electro, techno, and house music.  He could be compare to a David Guetta or D.J Mom Jeans, but then you would have to separate his talent and list his many original qualities also.  Check out what I'm speaking of:>>   
D.J Fade currently has worked with hip hop artist on a few of his tracks, but has the potential to work with many other genres of music based on the sound he produces.  Hopefully this young D.J doesn’t limit his creative reach to one genre since his talent can go way beyond an arrested development. 
If you haven’t heard his sound yet, then you are missing out.  Since it’s summer, then it's the time to expand your horizon and check out the sounds of D.J Fade.  You can check out his sound on Soundcloud @
To book D.J Fade for your night club, party, event, movie, video game, simply interact with him on twitter @  or on myspace @! .

Saturday, July 14, 2012

“Who’s that girl, twisting to a swirl” Remember the name “Visha Loo”.

 It’s absolutely amazing when you see the skills that a person can have.  Some skills are thought to be given to a person naturally.  With certain attributes, this is true, like politeness, kindness, caring, etc., this seems true.  When it comes to a sense of being artistically versatile, this comes from practice, dedication, development and vision.  These are all character traits found in the attention holding, kind of freaky, talents of Ms. Visha Loo.

If you’re looking for an international talent to create a setting to turn your ordinary party into an event, then this sizzling hot contortionist, and adult model of Alberta, Canada, could be just the touch that you’ll need.  One of Ms. Visha Loo’s many talents is contortion.  For some of us that don’t recall the definition of contortion, it is the ability to bend, stretch, move and hold our body into positions.  For example the human pretzels that get us to thinking of the many positions in the Kama Sutra. 
You won’t see Ms. Loo in a normal flashy circus outfit doing contortion.  Ooh no.  Ms. Loo will display her other artistic qualities while performing.  Another artistic quality that this 5’2, 115lb, adult talent possess, is alternative modeling.  She is what is considered an alternative model.  When you see her modeling it’s more considerate of an art form.  Many Ms. Loo’s photo sets may be considered erotic, adult model, or fetish, some are more fashioned for tailored fashions, while other shoots will be considered horror, rock genre, or gothic.  She may be booked for her modeling skills at Model mayhem. Com @ or 
  So you might be among the fortunate to see her in sheer lingerie with nipple pasties, bending into a box, or dressed as a horror film character coming at you like 3-D HD, or one of your favorite Disney characters.

If any ladies take notice of her latex attire and realize the quality that it must be to both hug the body while giving enough elasticity to cater to the body movement of her contortion, you should know that Ms. Loo produces these latex line of clothes.  This special latex line of clothes by performer and model Visha loo, is known as Deetz.  Deetz is showcased and modeled on face book @ .  She can be contacted about your request there or or 

This small talented beauty with huge talent is of international fame.  Hailing out of Calgary, Canada, you hear of her with very high regards because she is a very interactive person who is constantly performing and willing to work with any venue to create a memorable performance and show.  
She is also Creative Director of Crimson Events.  Crimson Events is said to be Calgary’s premier kink, and fetish friendly event performer talents, that organize events that fuse an artistic creativity with fetish play and BDSM, as well as all the other various sex positive lifestyles.  I’ll let you be the judge of that when you book them for your event.  You can check out her events and/or collaborate with her and her team @ @ or .  She can be booked @ or
 I first met Ms. Loo, two years ago, and can honestly say that she is as cute, warm and kind as the first day that we spoke.  Get a chance to glance at Ms. Visha loo on her websites , , under the tab videos.  Also you’ll be able to check out her photos on her sites or buy her pin-ups  on amazon @ .  You can also subscribe to the Crimson Events Calgary youtube channel @ .  It’s an experience that you’ll never forget.  So when you’re wondering “who’s that girl, bending like a swirl?”, with a class that’s not matched by many.  The ladies name is Visha loo. 

So if you happen to be in Canada, it would be a great idea to check out Crimson Events @ , to see where the incredibly talented Visha loo, will be performing next.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Breaking the monotony by tuning you into Brooklyn, NY talent "The False Alarms".

Brooklyn, NY a place that gives birth to many great talents.  Not an easy place to earn anything.  Out of the callus, corruption, and the striving, comes this awesome sound from a band that I promise you, that you'll be glad to know and remember.  
This band is known as "The False Alarms".  They accept the categorization of Blues/Punk, but when you analyze those two genres of music, you can just imagine the devilish funk that will come about when you combine the two elements.  
Keep up with the fellas while they perform and you'll find yourself visiting some of the most unique spots in the city and supporting a band that is earning their keep. They've performed at places from Brooklyn's rock & roll spot "The Trash Bar" to "South paw".
As I was telling lead vocalist/ guitarist Mr. Donway, when he was speaking to me about the band, "You do know that I already am listening to you fellas, right?" "I keep up with the best."  To keep up with the False Alarms is to keep up with the best.
If you'd like to keep up with "The False Alarms", here's how you can get started. Know the members: Ethan Donway: Guitar/Vocals, Jay Sharp: Guitar, Alex Sochinsky: Drums, "New York" Nick Curran: Bass.
Also check out their music @ or @ Reverb Nation @ or on facebook @ .
guarantee a sound worth checking out, a band worth watching, listening to and interacting with. Breaking the monotony by tuning you into Brooklyn, NY's own "The False Alarms".